How to remove unpleasant odors from the sink

Sometimes when you use a sink, food debris and debris that we find in dishes can stick to the walls of the pipe and create a bad smell. Removing this odor is important to maintaining a clean and safe kitchen and home.

There are many systems in place to achieve this. There are several chemicals that can get rid of this bad odor, but they are much better. domestic systems (of which there are many and different), They are not harmful to the pipes in our home or to healthbecause it’s not aggressive.

We therefore recommend that you opt for a health and environmentally friendly home system. We’ll explain some of them here.

Hot water and soap

Hot water with hand soap is poured into the sink. The water as it flows down the drain removes dirt and the soap removes the bad smell. This system is useful cIf it smells bad lately and not too loud.

Coffee residues

Coffee grounds can be a great option for removing these odors. Just put the rest of the brewed coffee or filter in the sink. It is important that it is hot therefore the effect is greater. Like the previous remedy, this trick is also useful if the smell is not very strong.

A mixture of baking soda and white vinegar

In the face of more persistent smells, we can fall back on products with greater impact. Baking soda and vinegar have always been considered household cleaners due to their properties. In addition, they respect the environment and are very economical. We need to clean the pipes from the sink Boil half a liter of waterJust before it starts to boil, pour a glass of white vinegar and stir. In the meantime, let’s add Baking soda in sink pipes. Then we need to add a mixture of water and vinegar to the pipe. A foam reaction occurs, which is normal. More efficient cleaning is It is advisable to cover the tube with a cap and leave it on overnight..

Lemon, ice and salt

This tip is based on some very simple products that we all have at home. For this to take effect we need to add lemon juice, a glass of white vinegar and ice cubes to the bowl. This mixture should sit overnight and the next day Pour the mixture down the sewer and let it act. It can also be left to stand during the day and the mixture poured in at night so that we can make it work longer and use the sink during the day.

With the help of our products, we at Duktou help you to realize the kitchen of your dreams and with these tips to keep it in perfect condition. Not only can you keep the sink clean, but you can also replace the old faucet with one of our single-lever toilet fittings.