How to remove lime and other substances from pipes

Preventing limescale build-up in our home is of great importance in taking care of our health and that of our loved ones. Sometimes pipes can build up this excess alkaline substance, resulting in a bad taste in tap water and excessive mineralization in the water. In addition to the white spots on the cups and the rapid decomposition of products such as coffee machines.

One of the best solutions to tackling excess limescale is to use a magnetic descaler. The anti-lime creates a field that creates instability at the molecular level of the atoms. They modify their magnetic axes and thus the molecular structure of the element.

To do this, magnetic antibodies are formed in the tube in which the magnetic tunnel is located at the origin of this molecular instability.

Calcium carbonate or limestone

This substance can appear as calcium bicarbonate in water. When exposed to heat, bicarbonate with three magnetic axes turns into calcite irresistibly adheres to all pipes of any material. This creates calcium carbonate (or tartar), which can accumulate in plumbing systems.

The use of a magnetic scale is also suitable for these casesbecause it converts calcium carbonate crystals in the amorphous magnetic axis into aragonite crystals and cannot adhere to surfaces, remains suspended in water and therefore does not accumulate in pipes or taps.

Despite the fact that these substances do not accumulate in the water, The mangetic stone against the limestone does not change the composition of the water. It has the same properties as the original, is simply cleaner and free of lime.

But it doesn’t just help improve water conditions. Long-term use of a magnetic descaler has a restorative effect, Eliminate existing buildup. Even with badly damaged devices, many of these devices can be used in series, especially for devices with higher water flow.

This way you will improve the water quality and your health.. You can get our magnetic descaler on our website at the best price on the market, cheaper than other retailers.