How to properly maintain the heating in our house

The cold is coming! And with it our concern to make our house a cozy and comfortable place for long winter afternoons. It’s easy to understand how well the heating is maintained from our house. And the fact is that the heating system is working properly, in addition to the money we spend, the comfort of our family also depends.

Cooler maintenance

We have occasionally mentioned the importance of radiator maintenance as it is one of the essential elements of our heating system. It just takes a little skill to look after them properly all year round. The most important thing is to remove the air that can build up during summer. So I can work efficiently in winter.

Current boiler maintenance

It is recommended that the operator of gas, diesel or heating oil used by our boiler, at least once a year, Come and visit us. As a rule, these technicians are not only responsible for checking the condition of pipes, tires or boiler keys, but also for leak testing.

For water heaters, you must also: a annual preventive inspection before reusewhen the cold comes. After almost a year of inactivity, you should check the electrical connections, the water supply and drainage and the gas line. Once everything is checked we can turn it on and bring our house to a comfortable temperature.

In different ways, depending on the type of heating

Each of the heating systems that we have available to heat our home has unique properties that are different from the others. For example, has underfloor heating special needssuch as the prevention of sludge formation, which could disrupt the hot water cycle, and good heat distribution. It is advisable to speak to the technician of our heating system to explain the aspects that we must take into account with each of them.

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