How to properly cover the boiler in our house

It is of great importance to take care of our boiler and protect it from the elements or dirt so that it works properly for a long time.

To protect our boiler, a good option is to cover it with a cupboard for the boiler cover. Dimensions 100 x 55 x 44 cm, our cupboard for the boiler cover is easily adaptable to most boilers and heaters on the market. It is tailored for the top and side outlets. To simplify use has a door with a spectatorto avoid opening the door for routine checks and the lock and key to prevent accidental opening.

it is easy to assemble

The cabinet is delivered disassembled, but assembly is very easy as it contains a protective box with the necessary hardware and instructions. In addition, the installation can be done with an already installed boiler, which will greatly facilitate the work.

Thanks to this element, we not only help preserve the boiler, but also cover it, thus avoiding conflicts in our house. The preservation of our boiler is of great importance for its maintenance and its prolonged operation. It will help us save money at home. In addition, if you get the product from our website, it is much cheaper than that of other retailers. Take care of your kettle and your bag.