How to paint fiberglass swimming pools

Painting fiberglass pools is one of the worries early in summer. Because over the years we’ve found that our fiberglass pool is affected by the weather, chlorine, and other chemicals we pour into the water to keep it clean.

These factors cause the fiberglass swimming pool to suffer significant discoloration and other deteriorations that we need to restore in order for the useful life to be longer. The sooner we paint and restore it, the better.

How often should fiberglass pools be painted?

The frequency of maintenance of fiberglass pools depends on the climate and the material of the pool. In general, however, it should be deleted at least every five years.

How to paint fiberglass swimming pools

There are a number of steps recommended by pool maintenance professionals. What must be considered in order for the result to be successful?

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Cleaning the fiberglass pool

First of all, you need to empty the pool, empty it completely. In this way we can thoroughly clean the walls of all kinds of dirt, both on the walls and on the floor. To speed up this step, you can use a pressure washer.

The first thing you need to do is remove all of the leaves and any solid dirt that is present. Then the walls and floor are cleaned with water and bleach.

Grind the fiberglass pool

Once the sink is clean and dry we need to start sanding. It is recommended that this work be done by hand as we need to do it in straight lines and grinders usually do rotational or vibratory movements.

This step is very important in order for the paint to be applied to the wall and floor to adhere better. Yes The sandpaper should be thick and make straight movements throughout the ride.

If you are unsure about any of these steps on how to paint fiberglass sinks, this is the place to check professional artist to do it.

Washing the fiberglass pool

When we finished sanding the sink, we can see that it was covered in dust. Therefore, the entire sink must be washed again with water and detergent and completely emptied. When we’re done, we’ll have to wait for it to dry perfectly.

To harden the fiberglass we need to apply a mixture of 7 liters of lukewarm water and a glass of TSP, trisodium phosphate. Caution should be exercised in handling this product, so it is advisable to use a long-handled brush.

Once this product has been used in the pool, it will need to be rinsed again.

Dry the fiberglass pool

Following the schedule for this step is critical to the success of the outcome. Wait for the pool to dry completely before painting. At least we have to leave some Dry for 3 days before you start painting.

To protect it from the elements, it must be completely covered. In the meantime, you can only stick accessories with tape, e.g. B. Lights, stairs or other areas that we don’t want to paint.

How to paint fiberglass swimming pools

Well when it’s time to paint. To do this, we first apply the first layer of special epoxy for swimming pools, which is thinned to 30%. Then let it rise for 24 hours. After this time we start painting with the color we want.

To paint we need to mix the paint and paint the walls with a roller. The movement should be vertical from the bottom up and back. Once we have painted the walls we will continue on the floor.

In general, two coats of paint should be applied, the first of which should be diluted so that it adheres better to the fiberglass. We let it dry for 24 hours and then apply a second coat of a special swimming pool paint that is almost undiluted.

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Dry the fiberglass pool

This is the final step and all you need to do is wait about 7 days to make sure the pool dries properly. The pool is now healing. In this important step, the sun needs to be a source of heat so that it can paint again in spring and summer. Otherwise the paint coating will be impaired.

All of the steps in this step-by-step painting of fiberglass pools are very important in order for the pool to last longer in good condition.. The better the cleaning, sanding, and drying jobs, the better the final finish of the fiberglass sink.

If you want to hire an artist, we recommend that you consult this article where we will let you know What do I need to know before hiring an artist?.

How are fiber pools restored?

If the pool is damaged in any area, it is advisable to place polyethylene foam where the water will be filtered. It then needs to be completely covered with fiberglass, sanded and then simply painted.

If you are planning to build a new swimming pool or have the restoration carried out by a professional. Check out this article where we tell you how to hire a pool builder.

Which color for a fiberglass pool?

The colors used for the fiberglass sinks are based on solvents. The same types of colors can be used in sinks made of a different material. A novelty in colors for this particular type of swimming pool are those based on polyurethane. They are chosen because they are very durable and have a long shelf life.

To choose the best color for our swimming pool, we need to pay attention to the formula and choose those with pigments and acrylic resins. It is important to mention that the container offers good resistance to alkaline substrates and chemicals that we use to keep pool water healthy.

After correctly following the previous steps, we can fill the pool with water and enjoy the rest of the summer. With the certainty that it will take a few more years.

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