How to make an American style kitchen

Think of an open kitchen and you automatically think of a large, spacious room that is the center of the house. In fact, cooking has only recently embraced its multifunctionality in the home, and not just in America. Modern design and architectural trends around the world have turned kitchens into open spaces that not only offer space for cooking and eating, but also for relaxing, lounging, and interacting with family.

American kitchens are known for their reputation for well-used spaces. These are busy areas with a lot of excitement and this has led to some smart design methods to make sure they are fabulous but also practical and durable.

You don’t have to have a big house to create an American style kitchen, either. If you only follow a few tips, you will have a comfortable, stylish and functional kitchen.

Classic style

With so many ideas and inspiration pages to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the cabinets for your American-style kitchen. A classic shaker-style design that is simple and elegant adds elements of vintage charm but is also practical and allows you to incorporate good storage solutions and use the available space intelligently. Adding natural materials like wood or marble to your countertops will add authenticity to your American kitchen as the United States is rich in natural stone and wood resources and its citizens use them in their homes.

Modern color palette

If you want to contrast classic furniture with a modern color scheme, opt for shades of gray and blue, which are currently very popular. For a bolder look, throw modern trends out the window and opt for a bright color that you love and that puts a smile on your face every time you step into your kitchen.

A great way to add color and texture is to create patterns on the walls with American-style kitchen tiles of different colors. Try the Summer Ivory Polished Matte Porcelain Tile in a neutral color and then refine the design with a colorful border like the Intuition Soft Aquamarine Glossy Ceramic Tile. For a natural wood look on the floor and easier cleaning, you can use the Vintage tile series or the Coral Matt porcelain stoneware tiles to create a parquet pattern for a hard-wearing yet classic look for your kitchen floor.

Great devices

Of course, no kitchen would be American without high-quality, high-performance appliances, including oversized stoves and stoves as well as large fridges and freezers. They are essential pieces of equipment in any modern kitchen, where busy families gather to dine and share their news. But as we become more conscious of leading a healthy lifestyle and opting for overprocessed fresh food, the importance of a large fridge / freezer increases and more and more people are incorporating them into their newly furnished kitchens and taking them with them them one. get closer to the American dream kitchen.