How to maintain your heaters?

From an oil or gas boiler to a pellet stove, including a heat pump and electric heating, you have a choice between many heating systems for your home. Once installed, heaters also need regular maintenance, which helps prevent certain breakdowns and maintain good performance over time. In addition, the use and storage of fuels such as fuel oil may require special precautions. Maintenance overview of these heating systems.

Oil boiler maintenance

Obtained by a long and complex process called refining, fuel oil, also called « fuel oil », occupies one of the first 3 places on the scale of thermal energies in France, which is proof that the French are still strongly attached to fuel oil, especially in northeast.

French law, by Regulation 2009-649 of 9 June 2009, provided for the maintenance of a fuel oil boiler. This regulation stipulates that every heating oil boiler with a capacity between 4 and 400 kilowatts must be maintained at least once. per year. For effective maintenance, you must seek the services of a field professional who guarantees compliance with safety standards for fuel tanks.

To save money, at you can also find the current prices of domestic fuel oil, which allows you to monitor its development in real time andbuy fuel at the best time. For example, in summer prices are the lowest because demand is weaker. Don’t wait for winter to refill your oil tank! Fuel will be delivered through a local partner.

In addition to legal provisions, oil boiler maintenance is required for many reasons. The first advantage relates to safety: it allows you to regularly maintain the oil-fired boiler reduce pollutant emissions, to protect the environment and your health and the health of your family. Then it is necessary to maintain your oil boiler improve the performance of your heating system as well as its energy efficiency. This ensures the proper operation of your boiler over a relatively long period of time and your safety. This also applies to the oil tank, which must be cleaned and checked regularly to avoid the risk of leakage or spillage.

In particular, it will be necessary to clean the various elements of your boiler to ensure its proper functioning, especially the heating element, the flue chimney, the nozzle, the burner, etc. as well as that of the oil tank.

oil tank

Maintenance of wood stoves or fireplaces

Procedures such as cleaning the flue allow you to avoid a drop in performance and, above all, protect your home from the risk of dangerous gas emissions. Too clear in the chimney of your chimney is also likely to start a fire. Chimney cleaning and cleaning is crucial to ensure your safety from gas, smoke and fire. Wood stoves with high levels of green flame are the most efficient.

Pay attention to the cold ash stored in the hearth: fire can litter long under ashes and leave in the trash, for example. Remember to stir it occasionally and make sure it is completely cool before tossing. You can throw cold ash in the garden where it will provide excellent nutrients for the soil and plants.

To avoid traces of soot, we recommend that you do not use dirty fuels such as wet wood, corrugated cardboard, soft wood, stained wood or plywood. For wood stoves, use only the fuel recommended by the manufacturer: thick wood logs, pellets or pellets, etc. You can choose between recovering wood waste (especially sawmills) and from ecologically managed forests (EcoCert label).

Maintenance of reversible air conditioning

Heat pumps it captures the calories that are naturally present in the outside air and returns the heat home or vice versa. It can be used in both winter and summer, as a heater or air conditioner. Routine maintenance of this type of equipment is limited to checking that nothing clogs or blocks the air intake from the outside and inside.

Its maintenance will mainly relate to the risk of filter clogging and the development of mold and bacteria. The reversible air conditioner is able to move 8 times the volume of air in the room in just one hour. As a result, his energy performance it will change quickly if its maintenance is not regular. Most devices have a light that turns on spontaneously when the filters need to be changed. Unlike other conventional heaters, the frequency of maintenance usually oscillates between 2 and 3 times a year, depending on the intensity of use.

Warning, if you have a normal air conditioner with refrigerant: the intervention of an air conditioning expert (plumber) is necessary to check the tightness of your appliance, as this product is dangerous. Other operating problems can occur with filters, electrical connections, pressure, temperature, condensation, battery, or even efficiency.

Whether it is a detached house or an apartment, all heaters must be serviced regularly to optimize their operation and energy efficiency. It is also about protecting your health and the health of the people around you, as well as the environment, for example by reducing gas emissions. However, that doesn’t stop you save on fuel by buying fuel oil at the best price or, for example, by selling wood stoves. Your energy bill will say thank you!