How to maintain a swimming pool in winter

The summer is over with all the consequences. Children are returning to classrooms, parents to work and the swimming pools, which have been filled with cheers and laughter these months, are beginning to calm down. They’ll be full of life again next year, but by then we need to know how to maintain a swimming pool in winterso they can enjoy it just as much next summer.

When should you start winterizing the pool?

Hibernation is the name below that the process of winterizing the poolto properly maintain it for the next summer season. The right date for the start of the winter season can vary depending on the location, as the water temperature should never drop below 15 degrees here. Although it is generally advisable to do so at the end of the season Since summer.

Steps for winter pool maintenance

The first thing to do Clean the bottom, walls and baskets of the pool skimmers. After that, wash the filter thoroughly and flush the entire installation. It is also a good idea to clean all accessories such as stairs, showers, controls…

We measure the pH of the water set between 7.2 and 7.4. We will also chlorinate the water and run the filter to disinfect it of any microorganisms that may be present. It is recommended to do this procedure for about 6 hours.

So we add product for the winter. Each manufacturer lists the recommended dosage. You should also run the filter to make sure it’s the correct clearance.

Maintain your pool according to your geographic location

Depending on where you live or how cold it is, it is too We encourage you to keep some additional tips in mind. For example, in areas with heavy rainfall, it is advisable to leave less water in the pool to avoid overflowing. In regions with very cold climates it is necessary to immobilize the water by closing the impeller and, in addition to protecting the pump and filter, to cover them with some insulation.