How to keep a clean shower screen

How to clean a shower screen

One of the best habits for maintaining a shower enclosure after each use is pass a scraper to clean the glass to avoid water retention.

When the problem comes from a long way away, and the limescale accumulated on the screen does not go away easily, one of the most effective solutions is Mix vinegar with a little baking powder, apply the mixture to the sieve and let it work for about 20 minutes. The mixture should then be removed with a damp cloth to keep it completely clean.

If your screen is most affected by mold, we recommend that you a a mixture of water and bleach. Rubber gloves must be worn to avoid damaging the skin. In addition, it is advisable to fully open the windows of the room. The mixture we need to make is one cup of hot water for two tablespoons of bleach. When we have a spray bottle, we use it to spray the mixture on the screen after we mix the ingredients well. After we let the mixture work for about 15 minutes, we take a damp cloth and rub the area.