How to install an underground water intake

A water outlet on the terrace or in the garden can be very useful due to its myriad uses: either watering the garden, cooling off in the summer, repairing the pipes, cleaning the car … However, sometimes it is desirable that this stereotype is hidden, whether out aesthetic reasons or because of a lack of space in the garden. In these cases we will show you the steps for an easy installation of an underground water intake.

Remove the faucet

This is very important above all Turn off the waterso that we can easily drill a hole in the ground and thus observe the type of installation we have. We will then remove the faucet and cut the pipe.

Prepare a bullet hole

Once we have room for our new approach, the next step is Increase the hole in the floor. We need to elevate it with enough holes so that the water intake can be buried. It is advisable to enlarge the hole before inserting the base to ensure that it can be fully inserted.

Insert the plug

Then We’re going to add gravel to the hole. The gravel will serve as a drainage base, which will serve as security for the new suction. We will then present the device on it to add a connector that connects the water pipe to the outlet. In this step, it is very important to connect the parts correctly.

Check for leaks

Finally, let’s make sure there are no leaks Avoid water loss and possible related problems. After checking, we will properly bury the connector and completely bury it underground. The water intake can now be used and enjoyed.

You can find all the hardware required to install the socket and much more on our website.