How to install a water heater on the tap

Water is necessary, well limited and not everyone has access to it. Therefore, it should not be consumed or consumed, especially not at home. We can save water directly in our houses. Fortunately, there are several steps we can take to avoid wasting water and save money in the account. The water saving systems available for our house today are diverse. There are several water saving mechanisms on faucets, some of which are very easy to install. In this article, we will show you how to install a water heater on the tap.

Remove the filter

We have to go first Remove the filter from the tap. In case we couldn’t loosen it with our hands, we can use a small wrench. This tool makes it easier for us to remove the filter as sometimes, over time, these excessive shapes on the faucet are removed and the removal costs more than necessary.

Install the gasket and diffuser

Later we will put a rubber gasket in the diffuser. It is important to install the faucet diameter gasket so that it will function properly. Once connected, you have to Screw the water heater to the tap. When it doesn’t and doesn’t fit perfectly You can use an adapter. These adapters are usually sold with a water heater so that they are easy to find and installation does not pose additional problems.

Check out his work

Once you’ve screwed the adapter in properly, we need to check that the faucet is working properly. If so, it is also installed correctly ready to enjoy. From now on we can save water and money on the account.