How to install a safety valve

One of the most important aspects of our home should always be security. ON Safety valve for thermos This allows us to properly maintain the home’s heating system, avoiding possible leaks as the water heats up and the pressure increases. Here are the steps to install a new safety valve:

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The valve is located directly in front of the thermos at the cold water inlet. Therefore, the first step is to disconnect the boiler from the mains, turn off or turn off the power supply.

Then we close the tap on the thermos. To check that we did it right, we turn on the hot water tap and wait for the water to stop coming out. If we also have an article outlet valve in the installation, we close it too.

We replace the valve

Once the water stops falling, we remove the valve to replace it. To do this, we need to give the external thread some Teflon. Loosen the water supply hose attached to the pressure valve with a wrench.

At this point (no water falls from the thermos) we loosen the pressure valve with the wrench until you can turn it manually.

If we remove it completely, some water will fall out, so it is desirable that the new valve be ready for installation quickly.

It is very important to tighten the new valve firmly and then sew the supply hose.

The valve is already installed. We open the faucet to check for leaks, and if everything is okay, we open the faucet. The thermos is ready to use.