How to install a garden tap

The faucet is very useful for maintaining a garden or patio. Irrigation systems, cleaning cars or tools are just some of the aids we can offer. Installation is also quick and easy. So all you need is the right tools and the right place that you choose.

We prepare the pipe

When the installation location is selected (away from and easily accessible from potentially explosive areas such as sockets), the water supply to the water supply line must be switched off. To do this, you need to drain the pipe through the valve. Find the position of the pipe where you want to place the tab, insert a T-shaped fitting, select the service pipe and remove a section of about 2 cm. We will sand the ends with sandpaper.

Hose connection

Then we connect the pipe with a T-shaped plug, for this we pass a gauge (without grinding). Later the mother is properly dressed.

We install the foundation

Install the mounting base to tighten the valve, secure it to the wall with wall plugs and screws, and tighten the threads with Teflon tape.

Just turn it clockwise 3 times and the faucet is already installed and you’re ready to enjoy it.

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