How to improve the performance of your heating in the middle of winter

The price of electricity has not only risen in the last year, and with the temperatures we are experiencing today, it is only fitting that this is reflected in our pockets as well. That is why it is important to us to use your heating system efficiently. So let’s explain it to you How to improve the performance of your heating in the middle of winter.

Check the insulation of our house

Often the problem with the cold in the house is not caused by the heating system, but by one Bad insulation problem. If we use energy to heat our home, but that heat easily escapes, we are stupidly wasting money. Because of this, we believe that this is one of the most important tips to improve the performance of our heating system, even if it is an external factor. To do this, you need to replace the old windows with hermetically sealed windows, but also check the terraces, doors and grilles.

Check and switch off any radiators that are not required

In many households there are rooms that are less used than others. If there is a radiator inside, it is better to close it too that only the rooms in which we spend the most time are opensuch as a bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Also in these rooms you should make sure to close and open the blinds at night so that the sun can shine during the day.

Use reflective cooling plates

The trick we can use in our home is to install panels or reflective panels behind the radiator.

When heat is radiated, radiators emit heat with the same intensity into the space in which they are used as they do on the wall, where a large part of the heat is lost unused. By setting up these tables, we do it the heat is reflected by the wall and distributed further in the room used Spaces. According to OCU, we can save between 10 and 20% of energy consumption with this trick.

Air at the right time

It is necessary to ventilate the rooms of all accommodations on a daily basis, but it is not mandatory during the coldest hours of the day. We can therefore wait up to half a day to complete this task and thus our house does not lose heat and we don’t run our heating that hard.

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