How to get help rebuilding your government building

Now you can you get support of up to 70% when you renovate your home by improving the energy efficiency because Europe wants to promote these aid programs in all countries Reduce consumption and improve energy efficiency of houses and public buildings on the continent. The key is in it to reduce consumption energetic improvement and renovation of buildings, by equipping them effective solutions that improve energy efficiency.

Our country has a very old and extensive network of homes; Two out of three households in our country are over 50 years old. Hence, the government intends to help with this new one Rehabilitation plan Building energy both natural persons and public bodies.


Source: Passive Houses

Aid under the Energy Refurbishment Plan for Buildings (PREE)

The government has part of the European funds from which it is made available 300,000,000 euros (although it can be extended if a budget is available) to make this possible helps to improve energy by Home repairwhose owner receives up to 70% of the construction costs, although it also contains 30% intended for the improvement and refurbishment of public buildings.

the Home rehabilitation program in Spain PREE He therefore intends that our buildings will have carried out the necessary renovation work by 2050 in order to improve energy efficiency and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

How to get home repair help in Spain

Regarding access to aid, we have to consider certain aspects in order to be able to access it, as the application process depends on each Autonomous Community, so there is no standardized way to apply at national level:

Expiry Date

Applications can be submitted to the Autonomous Communities from the date indicated in their calls to the July 31, 2021, although additional help is expected in the same order or better before this date.

Beneficiaries of the PREE plan

The beneficiaries who have access to the program can be:

  • Natural or legal persons private or public, owning existing buildings for any purpose.
  • Ownership associations or owner associations of residential buildings for residential use.
  • The owners working as a group meet specified requirements.
  • Companies Tenants or concessionaires of buildings who justify this condition.
  • Energy service company or Energy service provider as well as municipalities for renewable energies.
  • Local actors and the public sector ( Town halls, neighborhood councils or local bodies etc.)
  • Source: architecture platform

    Amount of aid

    As mentioned at the beginning, owners can up to 70% of the construction costsin which case each Autonomous Community determines the amount and distribution of aid.

    It is also important to remember that the grants awarded under this program are compatible with other grants awarded for the same purpose by a public administration, agency or public body.

    What improvements are included in the residential rehabilitation plan?

    Any reforms or improvements to a house or building are in the assumptions. not included Government sponsored recovery plan. To be eligible for the Reform Scholarship, they must be of one of the following types:

  • Improvement of the thermal envelope: Facades, roofs, windows
  • Improving the energy efficiency of thermal systems, such as replacing conventional energies (gas, electricity) with solar, photovoltaics, biomass and aerothermal energy.
  • Improvement of lighting systems: low-consumption lightbulbs and home automation systems.
  • Therefore, the work to improve the energy efficiency of the house is to make the house use less energy.

    You can consult the IDAE website for all the information on the PREE plan if you have any questions about its features or requirements.

    How to calculate the price of the works subsidized by PREE

    Of Reform plan We will be happy to help you calculate the cost of the work quickly and easily by providing you with free and quick quotes with our calculators:

  • Facades
  • Roofs and roofs
  • Windows and boxes
  • Home automation
  • wiring
  • And if you are planning a complete or partial renovation of your home, don’t worry! You can also calculate the total price of your work.


    If you have any questions about the calculation of your budget, ask us! Our team will be happy to answer all of your questions.