How to drain a radiator

Now that the cold finally seems to have come between us and our heating systems are already working, we should do one of the most useful and recommended tasks in terms of energy conservation, such as: B. Radiators, don’t forget.

What is the cooler bleeding?

Bleed the radiator Removing the air in order to function properly is also a task that you must complete Each year.

From 2 points that will obviously remind you of that.

  • IT cooler does not heat up evenly, a up You will be less hot cold.
  • Do you hear Sounds as gout or gargle when the heater is on.
  • Where does this air come from?

    One of the main reasons for filling systems with air is a empty which are carried out End the heating season and the filled First of all, it is therefore advisable to take the opportunity during this time. a Maintenance of the coolerto avoid emptying and charging during the heating season.

    In systems that are not emptied in summer, the water is damaged and air bubbles are formed.

    What I need?

    It’s a simple task that doesn’t require any special skills or fancy tools. All you need is:

  • THE flat screwdriver And you can use a 2 or 5 cent coin even if it’s not on hand. If it was too hard, use it a key.
  • THE Container to collect the draining water.
  • Steps to follow

  • Find the trapis located on one side of the cooler.
  • Set up the container under the drain so that when the water leaks it does not fall to the bottom and stain the wall.
  • Insert the screwdriver Into the vent hole and start turning gently so as not to get caught in your hand. You will hear a hiss when the air comes out. As soon as the water comes out, you can close the valve again.
  • Helpful tips

    • That’s where it starts cooler plus near the boiler.
    • If the house is multi-story, it should Start on the top floor.
    • If you want to avoid the task of cleaning it every year Place automatic traps in the radiators and they take care of the air distribution for you.

    If you are still having problems after cleaning the radiators, the solution might be more complicated and you will need professional help.

    Have you ever cleaned your radiators? Tell us about your experience to help you.