How to denounce reform reform

Many people enthusiastically start a reform, hoping that the result will be what you have always wanted for your home, although this is not always the case, either because of the quality of the materials or because the professional has not done it respects the project. Pour Continuer, nous allons vous apprendre à identifier une petite éjection de l’image the steps to follow to claim or denounce a poorly implemented reform.


What is a poorly executed work or reform?

You are under contract to a reform company or to a professional to carry out your reform in your home and it is not the right execution, You have the right to report. I won’t stay as long as I can Try to reach a prior agreement before delving fully into the legal terms.

We give you some examples it is considered defective.

  • For small reforms e.g. a bathtub), make the change from the bathroom to the shower, the materials were not well placed or sealed, They have water leaks, the mirror joint is not well placed, among other things.
  • With integral reforms, the windows include electric switches, new electrical installations, distribution vans, new kitchens and bathrooms, etc. In this case, it is important to have the opportunity to prepare for the reform and to present a project for obtaining the license, which can serve as a reference to compare with the work of the reform society. Any difference with the project without agreement for writing and business with priority, including Failure to run the installation is considered a reform of the running one.

The process of calling for reforms has been implemented

Preparations for termination of a reform reform

We have a good job or major reform and we know the realities Practices in case you need to make a denunciation with posterity to reform:

  • Make sure the budget you have chosen has well explained all the work to be done.
  • company under contract with priority over the suspected and planned project.
  • Furthermore, dix saved all invouras of payments and purchases of the reform.

Place where you want to announce your reform reform

We welcome you be with a lawyer for the girls because he’ll do the paperwork better than you do yourself. In particular, sometimes you can make that happen Municipal Civil Court where the reform was carried out and assess the company’s contractual responsibility. The court must process the complaint au moyen the poorly conducted et conduct of the procedure, including the presentation of evidence.

On the other hand, we will not forget it first information, as this will be the one who will support the complaint. He also edited a document and took photos of the reformed state in prison. In addition, it is important not to change or modify the results, since we have to work for professional professionals who realize the information.

How long does the whistleblowing procedure take?

The house can be solved approx. 9 months since the beginning of the procedure, always and if the reform society does not repeat the case.

By the way, you have time to carry out the procedure decides to set up new forms to subscribe to the bug, you are free be paid by the company upon request, introduce everyone who paid him.

Even if you win the lawsuit, you could In addition to the standard guests in the picture, this also included the oppressive moles of the long recovery period as well as the guests of the Abogado and the Perito.

How long do you have to reject reforms?

I have a question It is customary to file the complaint the moment you realize the reforms are wrong or if they are not well finished or unfinished. For other people we find the occult jokes, that is, those that we do not appreciate at first glance, but this time after the work is completed you begin to recognize.

As we said before, you won’t find all the bugs first, for what you know about what you know with a Plazo Conocido como ‘guarantee of reform or reform’ advertise.

The first thing you want is Check the contract you have with the reform society as a set deadline for claims must appear. Yes, for the opposite, the opposite does not have this clause, amortized according to the following 3 rules:

  • The Civil Code: It is stable and 5 year range.
  • The general consumer protection law: It’s a stable place 6 months pour these hidden vices.
  • The building authority: Aquellas structural reforms with construction defects.
    • 10 years: in case of construction defects, jeopardize the stability of the building.
    • 3 years: In case of installation defects (electricity, lighting…)
    • 1 in: Acabados default settings.

How much does the reform cost?

If you are filing a lawsuit against the current government’s reform, look for a project that is firmly anchored and will prevent the company’s impact from affecting your life.

For the General, City Hall fixed the cost as a the percentage of value that varies between 10% minimum and 20% maximum.

Announce a work that has always been a very difficult and difficult thing, but not for fun, also for the benefit of democracy that supports reform. By the way, it is important to know that the workers and children of other customers want the professional who knows how to implement the reform.