How to Create a WINNING Construction Budget

We know that when someone asks for a quote, we’re not the only ones offering them a price for the job they want to do. It makes sense that you want to know the different costs so that you know who to stick with. That’s why you should have Winning spirit to set up a budget that finally manages to keep employment. What factors need to be considered in order to achieve this?

There are many comprehensive budget programs out there to make it easier for you to create a WINNING budget.


Be clear

One of the things that customers value the most is budget clarity. Nothing to hide the items or break the prices. Cost transparency gives you very professional image and they will understand that when you are clear on these matters, that attitude becomes the work of the play too. The first impressions created by the budget can be essential if the client chooses one or another professional.

Sell ​​well

How to wear Images and photographs of other works you achieved that. And if you show in the photos before and after work, Better. People like to see facts, not just words. For this reason, in many cases, they ask friends or family members who have carried out the reform because they like them and want to turn to this professional. Perhaps because of the fame that this industry sometimes receives, people want to see your previous work. You need to understand that you are going to be investing a lot of money and that, no matter what, everyone wants to make sure that the projects you have completed were successful. Earn their trust.

As you can see, you can take photos with these functions and have them always at hand: on your mobile phone, in print, on your computer …

Before and after. Photo: CNL PRO

Before and after the bath. Photo: Asun Montoya

Your experience

As a customer of another product or service, you usually rely on companies to Have experience in what they do. Experience seems to be a point for them and a guarantee that they know what they are going to do because they have been working on it for years. For example, if you have been doing reforms for 10 years, mark them on your website, on your social networks, in the signature of the emails you send. « Since 2011 » gives a lot of self-confidence. Also, include it in your budget logo. If you liked the customer, the price you gave them matches what they wanted to invest and also sees your business grow longer. That budget will likely turn into a profitable budget.


Sometimes some of the tasks that are required of you cannot be done because it is beyond your knowledge and you are usually outsourcing to a trusted professional that you have previously worked with. Include it in the budget. Or at least tell the individual. No customer wants other professionals who are not part of your team to come to your home to carry out reforms without notifying them. If you explain it well, they will understand that you cannot cover all jobs and that You assign other professionals whom you trust. Show everything on budget to see that you are clear and not hiding anything.

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Photos, photos and more photos

Online and interactive atmosphere

If we told you earlier that showing clients other successful works of art is very important, now is the time to show pictures, but in a different way. In this case, these are images in which the individual can see What your repair will look like depends on the materials you chooseThat is, you can see the result of the tasks you want to do before the tasks begin. The most interesting thing is that you can view it from your computer or tablet different material combinations that you have chosen. For example: is the color of the tile floor in the kitchen correct? It is better to view the result on a computer first and make all sorts of changes than to wait for it to appear immediately when you run out of solution.

How is it possible? With mood boards. Although this is a tool mainly used by decorators, it is also interesting that you start using it in your daily life as it is a very good option for « conquering » more people.

If you still have doubts about this mood board, we leave you two very interesting articles:

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Online and interactive atmosphere: EXAMPLES

We hope that with these simple guidelines you can multiply the number of reviews for customers and thus increase the number of projects to work on.

Remember that budget is the first serious contact between you and individuals. Therefore, it should be a very professional, straightforward document and, above all, the data should be clear enough to avoid later misunderstandings between customers.

Follow these steps and you will get Win budget! Because we are winners and we strive for everything.

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