How to create a vintage 60s / 70s look for your home

Express your inner flair with retro decor this season. If you are looking for a vintage look, we will show you in a few steps how to create a retro atmosphere and bring the fashion and trends of the 60s and 70s into your interior.

Make a bold statement

Big designs and bright colors should be high on your charts if you want to add trendy and cool features to your home decor. Bright and cheerful colors like orange, green, or yellow can be used to decorate the walls, or you can choose a piece of furniture that stands out and stands out. You can also dress up in your great colors by choosing eye-catching contemporary furniture from designers like Orla Kiely, designed with a look at the past and a nod to the 60s decor and don’t worry about collisions – them complete the fabulous look!

Create a vintage look

Another great way to mimic the style of years gone by is to use a smart selection of tiles. With the huge selection of tiles on offer now, it’s easy to capture a vintage look when you buy it. Retro tile. The classic black and white checkerboard floor is a design that has made an impact in homes over the years and is now showing no signs of stopping! You can easily achieve the monochrome checkerboard look with black and white floor tiles or, if you are creative, touch your hand with mosaic tiles to create a characteristic pattern. Or create a statement tile wall in your living room for a real ’70s look with Ruby Glow Red Polished Glass Tiles. Metro tile is the most versatile tile to work with when you want a nostalgic look. Available in a variety of colors including vintage tones like Metro Sage, they will give your kitchen or bathroom a classic and timeless look.

Compose the look with furniture

You can also add character and charm to your home with unusual furniture and upholstery. These can be great finds at local shoe sales or flea markets or the traditions and heirlooms of parents and grandparents. Either way, they contribute to the authentic design and bring a retro influence to your rooms. Don’t forget to add some crazy artwork to your walls as well. From pop art collages to psychedelic patterns, there are a multitude of ways to add the finishing touches and invite the past into your home. Or if you are creative, you can paint yourself and really put its stamp on the design. Yes baby!