How to clean (well) kitchen and bathroom tiles

Dirt that can build up Kitchen tiles can affect their aesthetics: they lose their original color and form a layer of fat cloud the whole kitchen. However, there is no dirt that cannot be loosened with a good day of cleaning. We shall see here How can you remove all of the grease from the tiles? in the best way to make them glow like before. But be careful, if your kitchen needs to be renovated you may be wondering if you are interested in a thorough cleaning or vice versa. Change tiles to get a new version in your kitchen.


frequency With which tiles these tiles need to be cleaned, you will mark, you also have no idea how dirty they are and how often you use the kitchen that you use. Cleaning is done not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for reasons of hygiene in the house.

How to clean ceramic tiles

Pay attention to the type of tiles you have in your home and try to use the right products. The steps that you need to follow with this type of material are as follows:

  • Clean up the dust. Although we don’t see it, dust particles accumulate on the surfaces. Hence, it is important to remove these to ensure proper tile hygiene.
  • Localized spots. There are rooms in the kitchen that are more stained than others due to their proximity to the counter. This is why it is important to take the time and effort to remove the stains that are created. Use a plastic brush dipped in lukewarm water and scrub these areas.
  • Keeps the shine of the tiles. Note that it is very simple: take a quarter cup of white vinegar, pour it into 7 liters of water and use a towel to check all the tiles. Remove it after 5 minutes.
  • Thorough cleaning. If you’re not happy with what you’ve done, you can go for a more thorough clean. Choose a non-abrasive product (avoid bleaching) and apply it to the tile. Remove it before it dries.

How to clean mosaic tiles

If in your case, in the bathroom or in part of the kitchen that you have installed Tile for tileIt’s also great that you know the best way to clean and sanitize them. In this case, the cleaning process is not as complicated as in the previous example.

It can exist different cases and so we’ll all talk about it.

In the first case, when the tiles are polished You just have to clean them Water and detergent. Dry it well and you will have the covers completely clean and disinfected.

In the second case provided there is enough dirt accumulatedThe most interesting thing is to clean the water with a little bleach. This will remove all the impurities and especially the limestone that can build up on the tiles when we talk about the bathroom.

Finally, if in your case, Tile cladding in your bathroom or kitchen They have deeper and bigger places. It is more convenient to pour 4 liters of hot water into a bucket, in which you need to add half a cup of ammonia, another half of vinegar and a quarter of baking soda.

Analyze stains and their intensity on your bathroom and kitchen tiles and clean them before they get bigger and directly affect the tone and shine of coatings.

When they are very deep, sometimes the most important thing is to change the tiles in those rooms. You can check the price with professionals in your area.