How to choose the right window sill?


A fall, especially from a window, is one of the leading causes of accidents or injuries worldwide. However, it can be completely prevented by installing a window guard. A guardrail is thus an aesthetic and effective solution for protecting openings leading to an empty space and thus reducing the risk of a defenestration accident. Therefore, you need to choose a window guard, which depends above all on the standards in force and the models and materials available.

Why install a window sill?

The window guard is a safety element used to prevent the risk of falling. To ensure its operation, this device is subject to strict standards that protect you and your family. In France, according to these standards, a window more than a meter away from abroad must have a safety barrier, such as a guardrail. Article R.111-15 of the Building and Housing Act states that windows installed above the ground floor must have a grip bar and a protective element. ‘at least one meter above the floor. The purpose of this Regulation is to reduce the risk of accidental overturning of a person, animal or object. However, this provision shall not apply to windows which open to balconies, terraces, galleries, etc., nor to windows the lower parts of which are less than 90 cm from the interior. The installation of a window railing thus necessarily applies to windows upstairs and windows on the ground floor or uneven ground floor. This barrier not only ensures the safety of your home, but also helps beautify it. Therefore, it is necessary to use the services of a professional to improve the reliability of the installation of the guardrail. In fact, you are responsible for an accident if the guardrail and its installation do not meet current standards.

Criteria for selecting a window sill

The choice of window sill depends on the composition of the home, the aesthetic taste and your budget. You must also consider the quality, pressure resistance and durability of the model, such as the window guards provided by In terms of aesthetics, the choice is huge. Window rails come in a variety of designs and shades, and there are a few things to consider.


While window railings are primarily used to protect people from the risk of falling, it is also a necessary decorative element to bring a little more style to your home. In the top protection market, we can detect simple flat glass presses to hold window panes, bar rails, infill railings, mixed railings, etc.


The choice of material also affects the aesthetics of the window sill. Wood models are popular for their elegance and affordable price. In the class of filling railings, we recognize a glass railing that is very stylish and very durable. In the same price range, stainless steel is a great option for anyone who wants to combine safety and design.