How to choose the best heating system for your home

Fighting the cold winter in our home is a problem we all must face if we are to be comfortable during the winter. However, choosing one heating system or another based on the characteristics of our house will help us to heat it more efficiently and appropriately. This is how you save and protect the environment. Fortunately, heating systems are very different.


Boilers are heat generators and elements that are needed to heat various rooms in the house. In order to decide on one or the other type of boiler, the properties of the existing boiler types must be known.

Boilers are, and most often, are classified according to the type of fuel used natural gas. They are usually combined with water heaters, which form an internal circuit for heating the entire house. It is the most widely used heating system in Spain. Another option is boilers gas. They run on diesel and they perform better. The main disadvantage is the higher price. On the other side the kettles electricity They are less expensive, as is their installation. Another option is wood boilers. They are the most environmentally friendly option, but they have drawbacks such as the need for smoke evacuation and high cost. The least recommended option is boilers coal. They are in old equipment, they consume a lot, and it is recommended to replace them with a different type of boiler.


They are an essential part of every heating system. They enable a homogeneous heat distribution in different rooms and manage to heat the whole house.

There are different types of radiators. radiator the water They are part of a fixed heating system and are usually combined with a natural gas boiler system. They are cheap, durable, and heat up quickly. The main disadvantage, however, is that this type of gas supply is not available in all areas. Another recommended option is radiators electric. They work on mains power so all you have to do is turn them on. Maintenance and installation is very easy. On the other hand, the price of electricity is higher. Radiators are very similar to electric heaters oil. Their main disadvantage is that they take a long time to warm up.


These are devices that we use to maintain a certain temperature in our home and thus reduce electricity consumption. There are different types of thermostats. Thermostats mechanically have a simpler operation. They have an on / off switch and a sensor that activates when temperature differences are detected, creating an even temperature. They are a different type of thermostat Digital. They are more precise about temperature because they allow better monitoring, and many can be programmed. The second system is modular. They make it possible to adjust the temperature of the cooler and better control the consumption savings.

air conditioner

When you think of home heating, this isn’t the first option that comes to mind. However, air conditioning systems can also give off heat. We can also choose the exact temperature at which they expel the air. However, the heating mode is not as homogeneous as other devices.

Find the system that suits you

As mentioned earlier, there are various options and systems for maintaining the correct temperature in our home during winter. However, it is important to keep this in mind when deciding which option to choose How is our house and what we really need. Before choosing one system or another, it is important to think about it Aspects such as the climate of the region, the size of our house, whether we want to work, the time we spend in our house or the budget. To find the option that suits us best.