How to choose the best floor for modern bathrooms

There is currently a wide variety of floors for modern bathrooms. Thanks to technological advances, material mixtures with excellent aesthetic and functional results can be achieved. Especially in one of the most problematic areas of the house like the bathroom.

The humidity in this area is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to flooring, Walls, ceilings and furniture. But don’t worry, below you will find out which materials are most commonly used in bathrooms and which follow a modern aesthetic.

General considerations when repairing the bathroom

Before you begin, certain bathroom floor details are required Think of this area of ​​the house as if it were one unit. In order to create a harmonious environment, everything must be considered as a whole. From the ceiling, the walls, the toilet, the furniture and the floor.

For the walls, for example, it’s better Avoid using regular wallpaper and epoxy paint This is moisture resistant and easy to clean. There are several very effective alternatives for the floor. The final decision therefore depends on the style you want.

Special considerations for modern bathroom floors

The first thing to keep in mind when deciding to change the bathroom floor is knowing the dimensions that need to be covered. Then we will think about the most suitable design and color for the style you want.

Now we come to the materials. The choice of materials is important as they must meet the basic conditions to take them into account. He is among them Resistance to changes in humidity and temperature that can occur in small bathrooms. Another very important condition related to safety is that it does not slip.

The materials that meet these conditions are as follows.

Modern bathroom floor


One of the materials used in modern bathrooms is wood. This is public knowledge Wood has a very low resistance to moisture. But there are different types and the most resistant is the one that comes from the tropics.

You have to get another one Treatment with anti-moisture sealants so that it stays intact for a long time. Then it is covered with polyurethane paints.

Requires frequent maintenance. At the first scratch or loss of gloss, it must be polished and varnished so that it leaks and ruins the wood. If a dark area is already visible, it is best to contact an expert to restore it. If you take good care of it, it can take over 50 years.

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Ceramic is one of the more modern options. It is the most popular because of its low price. Also available in a variety of colors and textures. Since one of the most important properties of the material that can be installed in the bathroom is that it must be non-slip, The ceramic must be non-slip.

Because ceramics are of course very slippery. Another factor to consider is the PEI value, which measures resistance. To be used as a bathroom floor, it must be at least level 3.

As I said, wood is one of the more modern options. If you do not dare to choose natural wood for the necessary maintenance, see Ceramic with a texture similar to wood or natural stone.

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Another detail to consider is the spacing between toilets. If it is small, it is advisable to choose small tiles so as not to make too many cuts.

Knows Reference price for work and material.


This material is less slippery and absorbs less water than ceramic. Available in a variety of textures and colorsalso with coatings that simulate the grain of wood or natural stone. Maintenance is carried out by simply cleaning with water and an abrasion-free floor cleaner.

An expert is required for the installation. We therefore recommend that you a Mason experience in laying floor coverings.


Marble is an excellent material to add to the bathroom. However, since it is porous, it is not recommended to apply it to the floor as the soapy water will pollute it. Maintaining a clean marble floor when it loses its shine is very expensive.

If your budget allows marble to be installed, this is a luxury option for modern bathroom floors.


Mosaics have a low impact resistance and wear out very easily in the bathroom. Due to the traffic in this area of ​​the house. Also so that it is in good condition requires careful cleaning by the number of joints that exist between the mosaics.

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They are available in a variety of sizes and material options. Because here you will find mosaics made of ceramic, metal, stone, glass or even recycled plastic. The choices are based on the desired style and budget available for bathroom floor reform.


Vinyl floors are made of polyvinyl chloride, which is known by the abbreviation PVC. This material is waterproof and therefore very easy to clean. It was chosen as one of the modern bathroom floors for its price and variety of designs.

Laying this type of flooring for modern bathrooms is very easy as all you need is glue. However, the base must be completely flat. Maintenance is very simple, all that is required is cleaning with a floor cleaner with no abrasive elements or solvents.

Although they resist movement, they can be marked with very heavy or sharp furniture. In addition, you must avoid direct sunlight as it can lead to severe discoloration.


Natural stone floors are one of the materials that can add great value to the style of a modern bathroom. However, you need to be careful, or at least be aware of the shortcomings, before opting for this type of flooring.

There are several types of natural stone, including granite, limestone, slate, or marble.. Each of them has completely unique properties and appearance, but their maintenance requires special attention, since cleaning is expensive.

Laying a natural stone floor is also expensive because it requires skilled workers.

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