How to choose the best aerator

If you decide to save water for economic or environmental reasons, the best thing to do is to reduce the flow of your taps.
To do this, you need to install a toilet with an aerator in the faucet opening. In this way you reduce the consumption of your house by up to 50% and use it more responsibly.
The function of the aerator is to mix water with air without sacrificing comfort or flow. And you don’t need any help as they are very easy to install and maintain as they are easy to remove and attach by hand and you can use a multi-purpose wrench to screw on and off if necessary.
We describe in detail what you should pay attention to when choosing an aerator:

Types of faucet aerators

standard aerator

They are the most common model. They are screwed onto the tap opening and replace the normal filter.

multi-jet aerator

This model allows change the power Flow of water by simple rotation, going from a concentrated jet to a gasified jet.

Adjustable surface

This nozzle is equipped with a metal ball joint and is used for the following purposes: Direct the water jet in the sink or sink.

Air Drive LEDs

This device contains a component LED that lights up during water passage. The light colors and illuminates the water according to its temperature.

wire type

When choosing an aerator, you should always consider the size of the thread that attaches it to the faucet opening. This can be male or female and have different sizes.

wire type:

Macho; when the aerator is screwed on. Marked with the letter M and a number indicating the diameter of the thread.

Woman ; If the aerator has an external thread, it is marked with an H and a number that indicates the diameter of the thread.

You can install the aerator in:

In the sink



Sinks: available for regular taps or with adjustable or flexible hoses.

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