How to choose a general electricity company?

The general electricity company is a specialized company that can be called in for a construction project, for example. This is a company that can also help you with your building renovation project. There are a large number of general electricity companies that stand out for the services they offer, which is not always easy to choose. So how do you choose it? According to what criteria? And why should you turn to these professionals?

General Electricity Company: How To Choose?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a general electricity company to help you carry out your various jobs.

The administrative, legal and accounting criteria of the general electricity company

It is important that the general electricity company you are using can be legally identified: it must have a SIREN / SIRET number, like, a professional general electricity company. Community sales tax identification number as well Entry of the company in the trade and company register or the trade directory are other points that you should also check.

Another point that you might want to check is this financial situation of the company. In particular, you need to find out about the registered capital, balance sheet or turnover of the general electricity company to which your work is entrusted. This is certainly an optional step, but this review can confirm the fact that the structure has the ability to meet your requirements.

Likewise, the structure must have the technical equipment, as well as the necessary materials, to carry out the work that you intend to entrust to it. In addition to financial health and facilities, You also need to make sure that the company has enough staff to carry out the work that she has to lead. Professionals must of course be competent and qualified and ideally have RGE approval (Recognized Environmental Guarantor).

Remember that certain financial aids are only conditionally available if the work is carried out by RGE craftsmen.

The references of the general electricity company

Also take this into account when choosing the general electricity supplier Check the references of the structure. You can request that you be provided with a list of the company’s previous services. Do not hesitate to ask for the contact details of any company or person who has already used their services.

It is also required to be owned by the general electricity company you choose Certificates of Conformity. The Qualifelec qualification is one of the most important in the field of electricity.

Business insurance

There are certain guarantees and representations that a construction company must provide you with. These include:

  • The ten year guarantee;
  • The two year guarantee;
  • Delivery time guarantee;
  • The guarantee that the work will be carried out properly;
  • Property damage insurance.

You need to make sure that the insurance company has taken out insurance covers all the services you want.

The geographical location of the artisans

The ideal would be to look for a company that is close to your location. Otherwise, the total cost of the work could increase significantly.

You may also have a problem with NotMeet deadlines if the general electricity company premises are too far from your location. Traffic jams or even the long journey can sometimes prevent workers from getting to the construction site on time.

In order to ensure this proximity, you have asked for the address of the company headquarters, Check that the contact details do not match those of a simple direct debit.

The tariffs of a general electricity company

The budget to be planned here can depend on several parameters:

  • The characteristics of the building;
  • The materials and implementation techniques used;
  • The dimensions of the site;
  • Climatic conditions;

Also note that the cost of the work can vary from one company to another. It is strongly recommended to request multiple quotes. In this way, you can make comparisons and, with full knowledge of the facts, choose the structure that will accompany you on your construction or renovation project.

General Electricity Company: Why Apply For One?

There could be several reasons why you should turn to a general electrical company. On the one hand, this is a company that gives you a Offer that suits you. Most of the time, this type of company has its own electrical design office.

The latter has the task Do an audit and do a thorough analysis Of your project. Based on the results of its analysis, it can offer you a solution that is perfectly tailored to the electrical needs of your home or business.

By contacting a general electricity company, you will also benefit from better expertise. In fact, this type of company usually has several years of experience.

This gives her a better understanding of the various problems that can arise on a construction site. It will therefore be able to offer you effective solutions and offers adapted to the type of work you want to do.

In addition, a general electricity company offers various services. Among these you will find Analysis and diagnosis Completely existing electrical installation.

The services offered also include the construction or modification of a high-current or low-current electrical installation. As a reminder, we’re talking about strong current when the energy it provides is enough to power your lighting and various electrical installations.

The low current refers to IT installations, home automation, telephone or even television.

If you have a construction or renovation project going to a general electrical company has many benefits. Above all, however, it is often a promise of the seriousness and professionalism of this multidisciplinary company, which often has many years of experience.