How to change the bobbin to a conventional and single-lever bobbin

In this article we are going to show you how to change the skin of the can. Part of a a series of simple precautions we can take at home when we have a few minutes off.

When we live together at home for a few days, as we are currently in quarantine, extended weekends or on vacation, we find that our house is missing a few small appliances to make it more functional.

One of the most common problems in any home is the presence of a leaking faucet. Although it seems very difficult to solve, it is very easy. Then we will explain step by step how to change the jacket of a classic can or mixer cartridge.

When the skin of the can needs to be changed

The water is filtered through each hole. If the faucet is leaking or there is no water coming out of the faucet spout, it could be a problem with the small horn or rubber valve. But it can also be a cause of water loss from the sides of the faucet.

Wasting water can be avoided in a very simple way. If you find that the water loss problem is from a hose, see the article below All you need to know to find and find a good plumber / toilet.

Tools needed to change the skin

The first thing you need to do to change the skin of the coil is to have the tools and spare parts you need. You will need a few tools to change the coil head.

These are Wrench, screwdriver, teflon and leather. For the price, every time you need to buy leather for the faucet, you better buy a few and then you have it around the house.

To replace the single-coil cartridge, you need the same tools instead of the horn, a cartridge is required.

Step by step how to change the skin of the can

The procedure may vary slightly depending on the type of coil. Next, we will show you the main types of cranes, ordinary and single-lever cranes.

Before that, how to change the skin of the can

Regardless of the type of can, don’t forget turn off the faucet which corresponds to the faucet to be repaired. The cold water tap is usually in the bathroom and the hot water tap is usually under the boiler or hot water tank.

Then open the tap close to the floor so that all of the water comes out of the hose. This is probably the bidet faucet.

Conventional coil

Remove the cap

The first step is Remove the button cap. The function of this part is to cover the screw that connects the button to the rod.

The cap can be threaded or pressurized. If the faucet is old and made of metal, there is a good chance the top cover is screwed on.

Remove the button

With a screwdriver Remove the screw connecting the button to the rod. Then remove the bell covering the part of the rod. This part is usually threaded.

Remove the rod

Now the rod should be developed very carefully without developing a thread. The wire can be very hard, especially if it hasn’t been repaired in a long time. In these cases the screws can be loosened with a spray.

As you remove the rod, you’ll notice the tiny skin that needs to be replaced. If you can’t see it on the pole, it can be left on the base. In this case, it must be removed with tweezers, being careful not to leave anything, otherwise a piece of rubber can prevent the water from penetrating.

How to change the skin of a conventional can

Now all you have to do is Replace the old horn with the new one,, Add Teflon and reassemble Shin. The addition of Teflon ensures that water does not leak and makes it easier to remove the skin during the next repair.

When reassembling the bobbin, the bobbin should be screwed in with the button open so that the bobbin or the base of the bobbin do not have to be broken again. The same should be loosely adjusted with great force.

You can advise in an emergency the reference prices of a professional plumber.

Single lever crane

The method of changing the faucet bowl changes dramatically when it comes to a mixer. These types of faucets have a single control, which is usually a lever that can be turned left and right to select hot or cold water. The water flows when the lever is raised.

Advantages and disadvantages of a lever roller

Is for
more complex coil, but has some disadvantages. One of them is that it reduces water pressure by up to 30%. This can lead to the heater switching on incorrectly.

The second disadvantage is that if the water comes with sand it gets dirty quickly. The service life is shortened by one to two years. Although perhaps the biggest difference is that these types of coils there is no rubber valve or valve.

Instead of has a cartridge that has not been repaired must be replaced with a new one. With the great advantage that it will be changed again in approx. 5 years. For complex tasks, we recommend that you a professional plumber.

How to replace a lever coil cartridge

Remove the cap

The first step is to remove the cap Diameter 5 mm, which is located under the mixer lever. It is made of plastic, blue and red or the same color as the lever. Then remove it with a flathead screwdriver by pulling it out as it is under pressure.

When you remove the cap you will see a screw. It must be removed with a screwdriver suitable for its shape, flat, Philips or Deutsch.

Remove the cartridge

Then you can remove the lever and the cartridge that needs to be replaced is exposed.

You have to take it out Loosen the nut that secures it to the base. later The new cartridge is placed by screwing it onto the base with the nut that was the previous one. Remember not to push too much because they are plastic parts.

In order to position it correctly, the part has a couple of slots. Then find one around the base o a ring or elastic band that surrounds the base, you can apply a drop of oil.

If it breaks, it also needs to be replaced, you can take the sealing ring and cartridge to the hardware store to bring the correct parts with you.

How do you change the skin of a feather?

Once everything is in place, turn on the tap and gradually open the button of the classic can or mixer. This step is done to avoid hitting and destroying the pipe, releasing rust that can block other water outlets.

After following these simple steps to replace a faucet, you can solve the problem of dripping water which can lead to loss of money, discomfort and stains in your sink or sink.

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