How to change a stainless steel drain

Step by step

1. Drain the connection to the drain hose.

Connect the drain to the drain hose and protect the cover by protecting the drain from building rubble ingress.

2. Preparation of the shower tray supports and sealing.

Fill the shower floor with cement mortar, making sure that the top of the drain and lining lines up with the floor you want. Once the backing is dry, put a waterproof sheet and cut off the part that will cover the body of the drain.

3. Laying the coating material.

Remove the protective cover from the drain body, insert the connector and tape the selected cover from the frame of the grille.

4. Cross-section of the connection piece between the grid and the drain.

When the coating is done, cut the connector so that the frame of the grille is level with the shower cubicle.

5. Installation of the siphon part.

Connect the part to the body of the tub and place the siphon piece. If desired, close the base part of the grille and use a rubber gasket.

6. Installation of the decorative grille.

With the lattice plot in place, seal the connection between the frames and place the decorative lattice. Finally, seal the tile joints with a moisture-resistant material.