How to avoid condensation in the house

Condensation occurs when water vapor in the air liquefies when it comes in contact with a cold surface. In winter, when the heating is on and ventilation is limited by the cold, it is common to appear on the windows and walls of the house. We give you some tips to avoid condensation at home.


It is important open the window at least 10 minutes a day at home to create a draft. However, we can find places such as basements or bathrooms where there are no windows and therefore we need to install electrical drains or vents.

insulating materials

The most recommended to avoid condensation are insulating windows. The best material for them is PVC with good thermal insulation, with low-emission glass and an eye on joints and glass sealing.

To follow him we can connect Anti-humidity paint. This way we can permanently eliminate the condensation.

Use humidifier

These devices are used remove excess moisture of your home, so it is recommended if your home suffers from excessive humidity.
On the other hand, if it’s too dry, it’s better to use moisturizers like the ones you can find in our shop.

more stuff

  • Take shorter showers with hot water
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors
  • Avoid large numbers of plants near windows
  • Keep furniture away from the wall
  • Clean the most vulnerable surfaces frequently
  • If we regulate the heating between 19º and 21º, we avoid that the thermal bridge between inside and outside becomes too large
  • Place the boxes away from moisture in the rooms that suffer from it

With these tips you can avoid moisture build-up in your windows and rooms when heating. If you have other questions about heating and gas, do not hesitate to consult our blog.