How the STIMAT purchasing group works

A few days ago we started a new function in STIMAT. Group for the purchase and for the reformers That gives you the bargaining power of a large, small, or independent company. To buy this group, not only NOT This eliminates the dealer-dealer relationship (on the contrary, it makes it easier and better), but it also makes it easier to buy all the materials in a work online. And not only that, just because you belong to STIMAT, you will appreciate it exclusive discounts that they will have no other reformers.

Join the STIMAT sales group

To make it more visual, in today’s article we’re going to dig a little deeper into its functions and how it works from the inside out. The aim is to familiarize you with this new tool that will make your everyday life a lot easier. In short, you will just need Just follow these 4 easy steps and you will see that it is easier than it looks:

  • Add products with% discount
  • You can see the total amount saved in general budgets
  • Click on the shopping cart
  • Click on « Order with … »
  • And you will ask yourself Where the discount applies and where it is? Don’t worry, it’s very simple: you will see them on the merchant’s website which is attached directly to your invoice. Let’s take an example. We have created a budget using the budget generator. Well, on the same screen You can now see which products are receiving a discount more powerful and how much you will benefit from it. So easy.

    Now imagine that the customer wants a very specific product. We won’t say no. We select this product via our search engine and click on  » Show only Dtos. STIMAT exclusivity“, We will only see the products that have a reduced price and that the customer wants at the same time. You can tell it apart as it is indicated with the% symbol.

    The amount shown is the professional price, but dealers apply a later price additional discount exclusive for you. Finally, the green box shows the GENERAL ADVANTAGE that is applied by all discounts.

    Once we have all of the merchant’s supplies we want to buy ready, we create the cart to place the order and « go through the box office ». You will see that A super discount appears simply because you are a customer of the reform plan. Not valid for the next purchase, it is right in your pocket!

    What would you say? We are sure that with this new tool your profits will increase. And that is exactly what it is at STIMAT Purchasing group To help you:

    • Propose a list of the materials needed for each solution Concrete (for example, all the materials needed to make drywall).
    • Group this material by distributors to be able to do this buy everything at once with the fewest number of dealers and you don’t need to buy it separately, which saves you a lot of time.
    • Give all partners who appear in the purchasing group Coverage throughout SpainSo if you buy the materials don’t worry, they will take them with you everywhere you go.
    • Negotiate group discountsBecause for us, whether you are a small business or a self-employed person, this does not mean that you should not take advantage of discounts. We make sure that the best prices are found, which are automatically updated in the offer generator so that you don’t have to search through the entire dealer catalog. We do it for you.
    • Configure the quotation mark generator that you don’t have to look for the best discounts,, ,,. We do it for you!
    • There is no minimum amount Monthly / yearly purchase that you need to make to take advantage of these discounts.
    • Direct discount in your pocket so that your equipment bill is more economical and thus directly increases your profit margin. Applies from the first purchase you make.
    • The STIMAT met team All the technology is always at hand.

    And don’t forget to buy online makes you more competitive in this market Dare:

  • You will do it less km on the wayYou transport your car less and thus save the maintenance of your fleet.
  • It will make you spend less € petrol
  • You will be able to save the most precious there is: the time of reach more customers and increase your profits.
  • The purchasing group can use it free all STIMAT users who have accepted Metro or laser rate. We assure you that your subscription will be written off from the first purchase thanks to the huge discounts we receive. Would you like to learn more about this new service? Get informed!