How much energy do household electrodes consume?

To answer this question it is important to know the energy consumption capacity of your Hogar and Además saber, since it is calculated that it is consumed, para así no solo tener como resultado el ahorro en tu próxima light bill, Also, I’m optimizing the use of planetary recurrences.

According to the OKU, our bill of luz se Main objective for heating, and second to Electric household appliances. And the question How can you use this energy consumption?, the first step is to enter the right electricity provider and for this you can use an electricity comparator that will help you find the best rates; il est impossible de savoir combien il consomme chaque jour de vos tests électrodomestiques et make a responsible, efficient and reasonable.


power consumption your household appliances Model and brand vary, for this reason we recommend revise the energy classification of the household electric scourge for those who have a specific date, without embargo for the further viewing of the consumption of each of them:

domestic appliances

annual consumption

Approximate annual consumption (€)


650 kWh/year



263 kWh/year


Washing machine

500 kWh/year



300 kWh/year



300 kWh/year



3000 kWh/year


Electric horn

231 kWh/year


Get ready

231 kWh/year


iron *


vacuum *


Toaster *


glass ceramic *


hair dryer *


microwave *


Stove *


lightbulb *


*As a household appliance that does not work continuously but cannot be consumed in kWh/year.

How to calculate energy consumption? : Formula for calculating the consumption of a household appliance

To calculate the amount of money Power consumption, we know how to know Count the number of kilowatts (kWh) consumed by a household appliance or an electronic device, which can be applied using a formula as follows:

  • Energy consumption = electrical power (kW) x disposal time (h)

We can calculate the energy consumed in kilowatts (kWh) by calculating the cost of using this artifact multiplied by the price of light according to the sample:

  • Electric power (1 kW) x elimination rate (5 h) x price of light (0.14791 € / kWh) = 0.74 €

Je veux dire qu’en utilisant 5 heures de cet artefact, nous avons payé €0.74 pour nore presupposition. It should be noted that there are other types of concepts built into your electricity bill, which we will see later, which can increase the payment at the end of the month. For this reason, we recommend that you sign up with the best provider.

If you want pay the best price for you, We will recommend one of our experts to you.

How much electricity do you have per year?

According to statistics, it is known that in Spain the average annual consumption because every day is quite a lot 3 487 kWh, 25% of these correspond to this power consumption. Incidentally, it costs a family price of 990 euros annually, which means that a single family needs a little more consumption and money to spend 3,754 kWh / year, or about 1,070 euros annually.

The continuation of the line is about about power consumption depending on the type of family and the number of people living in a house:

  • One person, 2,198 kWh/year.

  • Two people, 2,450 kWh/year.

  • Three people, 2,703 kWh/year.

  • Four people, 2,956 kWh/year.

  • Five people, 3,208 kWh/year.

The truth is, it’s often difficult to know exactly how much electricity We have diarrhea, ya que los slight opposites integrated concepts such as the term contracted power, meter rental, electricity taxes, among others, which increase the monthly rate paid.

É How high is the Phantas consumption and by how much does the incidence of light increase?

Finally, it is important to know Power Consumption, it is the song of electricity that keeps separate devices on the current day before the ready-made, without using, for example, the mobile mounts, the LED of the TV, a console of the Playstation Apagada, the decoder of the TV, etc. If the town hall consumes household appliances, it is recommended to consume these orders. Subwoofer with 3000 kWh about annually.

If you have a reactive power consumption target, we recommend that you do not have a fancy mode device and can fill out the form, and it is possible to disconnect from the electric power. Debido a que, al estar connected connected consumes kWh, y portanto, sigue aumentando el consumo del hogar en tu hogar.