How much does it cost to renovate an apartment?

Remove the hotel, change the floor, tear down the partition … There are many elements that we can change in our apartment to make it a more comfortable place to arrive, take off our shoes and take advantage of the weather. they want to know How much does it cost to reform an apartment?? Discover with Reform plan!!


Why reform an apartment?

The reasons for the renovation of our house can answer both aesthetic problems such as Functional requirementsFor example, you may need to increase a few square feet, remove unnecessary items, or add a partition for better lighting.

Let’s not fool ourselves, Deterioration is the number one cause while repairing a house. Thus it is calculated that the ideal frequency of floor painting renewal is 5 years and that Kitchen and Bathroom —These are the rooms that suffer the most due to their exposure to moisture – all 15 need to be updated. When starting a kitchen renovation, it is useful to take the opportunity to rely on devices that ensure greater energy efficiency, t .к. will have a positive effect on the electricity and water bills. The average replacement time for the electrical installation is 20 years.

You might consider one of the the most common reformssuch as fencing in the terrace, opening the kitchen to the living room, removing the Gotele, changing the floor plan, changing the doors or renovating the windows. In addition to comprehensive reforms, you can control the air exchange in your home Partial reforms. You will be surprised how much your home can change with a simple change in the decoration and even renovation of the furniture for a different little price. Believe it or not, there are interior design ideas to suit all budgets.

But … how much does a home renovation cost?

The cost of reform this of course depends on the type of intervention. For this reason, we recommend that you – depending on the needs of your accommodation – create a list of the items that you would like to change and order them according to urgency. You can then use Reform plan reform calculator receive in just 2 minutes Budget as we have prepared it for you as an example.

According to our calculator Reform of a 100 m2 apartment with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with the hotel being removed from the 3 bedrooms and common areas and the doors replaced € 2,663. What a budget Error limit less than 10%.

With our, you can now create a budget that fits your needs perfectly Repair calculator and get the result in just 2 minutes, free of charge and without leaving your home.

In addition, if you wish, you can Ask for 4 offers from professionals in your regionwho will send you their respective proposals on the same model in order to You know at a glance which option is best for you. This way you skip the process of finding professionals, contact them and each one will send you a budget with different formats and articles. Do not hesitate, find out more now How much does it cost to renovate your home?!!