How much does it cost to reform a bathroom?

When we need to renovate our house It is not always a complete reform. In many cases we need to reform a part, either because we want to print a new style or because we need to update it.


One of the most common is bathroom. Here we do daily activities and as the days go on, the toilet and the room itself can suffer. Suggest a …. suggest Bathroom repair It is common and that is why we would like to comment on certain aspects to take into account and in particular to calculate the approximate budget of how much it will cost us.

Sanitary ware

At present, the bathrooms usually consist of three parts, with Sink, toilet and shower or bath. We’ll meet normally different sink optionsboth in shape and in size. Most often, a sink is chosen that has a storage unit at the bottom.

For the toilet, the most classic is to choose a toilet with a backpack. However, depending on the characteristics of our bathroom, we may consider placement hanging toiletto get a more modern picture.

When it comes to the water area, the shower tray is the most frequently changed. We also have several options: shower, ground floor, etc. At the same time, you need to choose your enclosures, e.g. B. a static screen or sliding doors.

Bathroom design

For the design of the room, two options can be considered. On the one hand, we can choose one full disguise on tiled walls to match the design we want to print or with half-height siding. In the second case, we have the advantage that we can change the environment more frequently, since we can change the color of the loose wall piece more easily.

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While your personal taste will determine the style of your new bathroom image, there are a few options that you will be sure of. You are among them neutral tones like beige, white or gray. Whether in the tiles or in the color, with these colors you will achieve a stay with a fresh and very pleasant atmosphere.

How much does it cost to reform the bathroom?

The calculation of the cost of renovating the bathroom depends on the size of the room and the choice of toilets selected. However, a complete bathroom renovation varies from 10,000 and 15,000 euros. As already mentioned, the price is set according to your wishes, but this is a stay that, if renovated, has a lifespan of several years.