How much does it cost to demolish a wall?

Who would have never thought: “I have a lot of this wall” or “If we tear down this wall, we will have a lot more space and light”. While these thoughts can repeat themselves to some degree in tearing a wall, we need to be careful before we get down to business and get rid of them because we need to know if it is possible to tear it down and, most importantly, how much it is to you would cost.

Calculate how much it will cost to tear down a wall

While we know very well that you can reform yourself, this is something you must remember. all walls are not the same Well, there are beams, which are made up of elements that support some of the weight of the house, and partitions, which, as the name suggests, are used to divide the spaces in your house.

How do you recognize a load-bearing wall?

  • Its thickness is greater than that of the other walls. If they are less than 10 cm or 15 cm in blocks, we end up in front of barriers.
  • See where they are. If your house is on several floors or you have visited the neighboring house above or below, you will find that structures are repeated in both.
  • When we notice the sound of hitting the wall it is an indication of a hard surface, not hollow, then it is a load-bearing wall.
  • If the structure consists of bars and these are visible, You can see that these are clearly load-bearing walls.
  • The load-bearing walls are supported directly on the subsurface, that is, in the group of structural elements that are connected to each other and transfer the load to the structure.

The eye!, sometimes the same partitions or walls are now part of the house construction, so act as load-bearing walls. To avoid identification problems, it is better to contact a professional, Because even if it may seem easy, the installation of a load-bearing wall should never be done without prior knowledge.

The load-bearing walls are filigree, but not inviolable. If we want to « eliminate » it, it has to be replaced by another element, for example a wooden or iron beam.

Do you need a permit to tear down a wall?

We will have different authorizations, depending on whether we want to tear down a load-bearing wall or a partition.

  • We’ll need the first one Land acquisition permit.
  • For the second we need small work permit.

If you have any questions, however, you can always contact the specialist who will carry out the work or find out about the necessary permits at the town hall.

How much does it cost to demolish a wall?

Every home, its needs and every owner’s goal are different when it comes to tearing down that wall:

  • More light in the rooms
  • Create an open space that connects the kitchen and living room
  • Have a more spacious room
  • Gain leeway

Of our Repair calculator, We have made the initial estimate for a new division in a 100m2 house with 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms in which we want to add a room, tear down a wall and build another. The price is 621.98 €, While this calculation is only approximate, the professional needs to evaluate it in a solid way based on the square meters of wall you plan to demolish and / or build.

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