How much does a stairlift cost?

Buying a stairlift is an investment that needs to be made with great care. In fact, several models of this device are manufactured by a variety of brands. However, these do not always apply at identical prices. In this article we will tell you all about the price of a stairlift.

The cost of a stairlift depends on the type of staircase

Before purchasing a stairlift, it is important to check the model that will match your staircase. Without this preliminary exercise, you risk buying a device that is incompatible with your design.

How much does a spiral stairlift cost?

In France, the rotating model is the best-selling stairlift. This is probably because French houses offer very little space for the stairwell. This option allows them to save more space in other rooms of the house. Typically, a curved stairlift costs between $6,000 and $12,000. Depending on the seller, installation costs may be included in the purchase price. Otherwise you can count on a stairlift installer in Annecy if you live in the Alps. With the rotating stair lift, you can overcome curves with a lot of safety.

How much does a straight stairlift cost?

The straight stairlift consists of a chair placed on a single rail or double rail. Generally, this stairlift is positioned on the steps at wall or ramp level. In other cases, the device is attached directly to the wall. In the market, the straight stairlift is accessible to budgets ranging from €4,000 to over €15,000.

The price of this device depends on several elements. Of these, one can highlight the shape of the staircase on which it will be installed. Also make sure that the width of your stairs is between 63 and 69 cm. If your construction does not follow this rule, the straight stairlift cannot be installed. To limit the size, choose a model with a retractable or retractable rail.

How much does an outdoor stairlift cost?

In order to cross a terrace, a front door or a few steps into the garden, you have to use an outside stairlift. This model is more durable than indoor stairlifts. In fact, it is resistant to frost, UV rays or even rain. To purchase an outdoor stairlift, your budget must be between €4,000 and €12,000. Also note that this device requires a very stable installation. To use it for many years, have it serviced regularly.

How can the budget of the stairlift be reduced with help and grants?

The stairlift is a device that people with reduced mobility cannot always do without. However, not everyone manages to raise the necessary sum to buy this device. In this case, they depend on grants and subsidies to purchase their stairlift.

ANAH help

The National Agency for the Improvement of Habitat (ANAH) has a subsidy program called Living Easy. It is aimed at people with low incomes. With an income of less than €24,918 in the Paris region, ANAH covers 35% of the device costs. The subsidy can increase to 50% if you earn less than €20,470.

Mobility Assistance Grants

If you are over 60 years old, you can apply for Personalized Autonomy Allowance (APA). Also trust that the Disability Compensation Benefit (PCH) will provide you with a stairlift. Finally, ask the SOLIHA association to receive a subsidy of up to 80%. This allows you to buy a higher quality stairlift.