How much does a roof renovation cost?

The roofs are the most exposed to each apartmentbecause it resists all kinds type of weather phenomena and weather conditions. It is therefore normal that over time some type of repair will be required, either due to leaks or the need for improved sealing. But before you start reforming, you will ask yourself: How much does a roof renovation cost?

How much does a roof renovation cost?

This price will depend on the nature of your problem, as repairing a leak is not the same as replacing the entire roof (replacing shingles, caulking, etc.). Usually, according to the reviews of professionals, the price It is usually between 3000 euros and a maximum 10 000 euros. However, if you want to know exactly how much it would cost you, we recommend using our calculator.


We’re going to break down the different roof repairs that are most commonly done:

cover price

This is common on roofs where shingles are used Some parts deteriorate, break, or come loosebecause in the long run they can cause problems such as leaks, for example. The solution to that The problem is replacing all those broken tiles in good standing by others, a practice commonly referred to as site internet

The cost of a roof replacement depends on the number of shingles to be replaced and the material they are made of:

  • Usually These are ceramic tiles that can be found from 8€/m2 to 30€/m2.
  • Slate tiles are another option for roofing and roofing as they are a high insulation and long service lifeYou can find them from 9€/m2 minimum and 40€/m2 maximum.
  • concrete tiles, who associate their resilience with a a variety of designscommonly used on pitched roofs and their cost It varies between €8/m2 and €20/m2.

Repair costs for leaks

That repair leaky roofs It is one of the most common, but at the same time one of the easiest to implement, and also requires less investment than rebranding. As in this case, of course depends on the severity of the repair and the affected part of the roof.

The reasons why they might Cause of this problem are:

  • broken tiles
  • Tiles that have been moved.
  • Bad roof waterproofing.

This is usually one of the main problems with leaks origin difficult to trace, but it is a mandatory step that must be carried out if we want it to be solved effectively. It is therefore important to have Professionals who know how best to find and repair leaks.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of repairing leaks depends on the damage caused. The price can range from €250 to over €1000. If you want a more approximate repair cost estimate, you can always use our calculator.


How much does a roof waterproofing cost?

A good seal is very important to avoid problems with leaks and leaks in the house. Currently there are different types and methods of impregnation. Before evaluating the prices, it is important to do so knows the most commonly used materials. At Plan Reforma we work with the best professionals, the BMI Group, which brings together the best solutions on the market

bitumen waterproofing

It is for the most traditional and widespread type of sealing. The main products are duroplastic elastomeric bitumen asphalt sheets, which are mainly used in heavy flat roofs.

synthetic waterproofing

You are his base highly resistant, flexible plastic sheets Thanks to their reinforcement armor, they can be PVC or TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and are UV-resistant. Although they can have multiple uses, e.g its durability and speed of installationis designed for flat roofs and large buildings.

liquid impregnation

This system is becoming more common, it’s a liquid solution spread on the roof of the building which, after treatment, turns into an elastic membrane, continuous and without joints.

Whatever solution is chosen, the impregnation should always be carried out by qualified professionals. The price is usually between €6/m2 and €90/m2.

Reforms to improve the energy efficiency of roofs

Use a roof renovation to improve the energy efficiency of your house. The two most common are:

insulation reinforcement

Plumber insulation improvements always helps to improve energy efficiency. This is very important for roofs as heat tends to rise to the upper parts of the house. There are two ways to reinforce insulation:

  • Isolate it from the outside: This is the best option if it is an apartment building or a house that is already inhabited.
  • Isolate it indoors: It is carried out under the concrete slab without having to remove the slabs.
  • Installation of solar panels

    Solar panels enable us Use the sun’s energy responsible, but if you decide to install them in your home, you must take into account a number of factors:

    • Your location: When placing on the roof you must ensure that it is in a place where it will NOT cast any shadows and that there is no possibility of damage.
    • Its orientation and inclination
    • Your location

    That Regulations require the use of solar panels in new construction. Royal Decree 244/2019 regulates everything related to solar energy consumption and among all the points it contains, the following 4 should be highlighted:

  • Abolition of the solar tax.
  • Two types of installations: with and without redundancy.
  • Possibility of collective self-consumption.
  • New procedures and permits for the installation of solar panels.
  • Regulations and permits for the renovation of the roof

    In such a reform, we have to take into account various requirements. It is required a Project roof renovation created by an architect or technical engineer and submitted to the town hall obtain a building permit.