How much does a good window cost?

Good quality windows at the lowest possible price – this is generally the goal of anyone considering buying exterior windows. Achieving this goal can be very difficult. Usually a high standard means the highest price. The price of windows mainly depends on the material, shape and type of glazing. In addition, additional functions and accessories such as seals, fittings or special handles mean that we have to invest more. Is it worth spending that much or is it better to go with the cheapest option? What and how can we save?


Among the products available in the exterior carpentry market, you can find windows made from any of the following materials: aluminum, wood or PVC.

Wooden window They are always more expensive than PVC. In fact, it takes much more labor to manufacture. They are usually made of solid wood, which is then painted and impregnated several times. The higher price is the result of the energy and technology used to build it. It’s also important to mention that subsequent maintenance is usually more expensive than PVC carpentry as it requires regular paintwork and renewal.

Aluminum carpentry They are an increasingly popular option. They are relatively inexpensive as you pay more or less a third for an aluminum window than for a wooden window. The most modern are also characterized by high quality and durability. Their limitation is that they are the least energy efficient. In addition, their design is less aesthetic for many and does not fit all interior styles.

PVC windows are made of plastic, cheaper material. In addition, its production is characterized by greater process optimization and low labor, which reduces the final cost of the product. Another feature that distinguishes this type of housing is that no special maintenance is required his life is usually much longer.

We can conclude that the PVC window costs us less than the wooden window with the same parameters. In other words, if we pay the same amount and decide to buy a PVC joinery, we will get a product of better quality, more energy efficient and with some additional features.


Not surprisingly, the most economical windows are traditionally shaped Square or rectangle. These are the easiest to make and install. Since they only consist of straight lines and angles, they are the best insulator against the elements and save you more heating or cooling costs when you use them later.

On the other hand, if we focus on round or arched windows, we will have to spend more. Indeed, more advanced technology is required to manufacture it. And its manufacture and installation are more complex. In addition, windows with less traditional shapes do not guarantee as high a level of stability and security as rectangular windows.

The type of hole

We can distinguish several Types of window openings in PVC, starting with the fixed ones that cannot be opened, through the more practical ones, tilting and tilting and ending with the slope. The cheapest are fixed, which are also characterized by the best thermal insulation, but have one major limitation: they do not allow ventilation of the house. The more complex and therefore rarer the type of opening, the more expensive the window will be. Tilting and opening windows is usually the most expensive and at the same time offers more options in terms of how the house can be ventilated.

technical parameters

Keep in mind that we will likely have to pay extra for any additional quality our windows are supposed to have. It is possible to increase energy efficiency, sound insulation or security, but the technologies used for this are usually expensive. For example from RC2 resistance class windowwe have to pay at least 25% more than the standard product. Also, main handles are cheaper than handles for keys or buttons, and laminated glass costs more than traditional glass. This is an investment that may seem high at first, but we must remember that by purchasing a product with additional features, we are also acquiring theirs Comfort, peace and security. However, it is important to make an informed decision. Do you really need windows with the best soundproofing if you live in the middle of the property, or those with increased strength if your house is in a quiet and gated area?

Manufacturer or supplier

While it may sound different, the larger and more reputable manufacturers don’t always offer their products at a higher price than their little-known competitors. By producing more, they can easily benefit from economies of scale and have more power to negotiate prices with their raw material suppliers. Keep that in mind by choosing one recognized brand And with market experience like Drutex, you can have more security quality its products and services.

Other factors to consider

Transport and installation: In some cases, the transport of the windows to your home is included in the price. For others, you may get a discount if you hire the installation service when buying carpentry from the same company. Be sure to ask the seller!

leaves: For PVC windows, the price of the product may vary depending on the color of the panels. Usually, in the choice of colors available, you can find the main ones that are cheaper and others that you have to pay more for. Your PVC windows will also cost you more if you want them to be two different colors on the inside and outside.

Actions and specials: Outdoor carpentry products are generally cheaper in the fall and winter as most people buy them in the warmer months, but this difference is usually not significant. What to watch out for are the specials. Sometimes, if you pay the same amount, you can get the thickest glass windows or a free accessory.

Window prices online

There are many factors that will affect the final price of windows, but the calculation is much easier now. You can do this by logging in Online window configurator, easy and completely free. Once the tool is open, you can enter any parameters of interest to you, e.g. B. the type of opening and glazing, the color and of course the size. You will receive the prepared budget by email. With this online calculator, you can easily see how each of the options will affect the final price of the product.

in total

If you are looking for the most economical and efficient windows, this is the one to choose PVCwhich not only cost less, but also do not require expensive maintenance. When buying windows, you should be aware of your priorities. If you’re looking for the ultimate in security and convenience, you’ll have to pay more. Remember, while a great investment, windows are a product that you will buy for a lifetime. Remember that high quality products are also characterized by high energy efficiency, which will save you money in the future, whether on heating or cooling.