How do you reject a reform project?

When a project comes along that interests us, it’s very easy to accept it, but on the other hand, there are those Reforms we are NOT interested in either because you are not specialized in this project or you have a heavy workload at this very moment. Sohow to reject a reform project polite so that the customer can’t get it out of their head?

Thank them for choosing you

The first is Thank you for getting in touch with you. Always let them know that you’re lucky they picked you out of all the reform experts. Make yourself available for other projects and open the door to future opportunities.

Be transparent about why you can’t accept their project

try to be be completely honest with the customer about the reasons for which you cannot accept their reform, although we know that sometimes a timely apology can avoid future problems. Here are two examples:

  • If that’s the reason You have too many projects at the moment Tell him in hand how extensive your current work is and that it would be a detriment to his project, because you can’t give it 100% of the quality it deserves. This shows the client that you care about your renovations and that they have a good finish, demonstrating your professionalism.
  • If the reason is You don’t like the customer (which can happen) because it can happen Come and ask for requirements and see it may cause you problems in the futureI’m trying Avoid blaming the customer. Let’s think of a breakup and with that familiar phrase, « It’s not you, it’s me, » turn his attention to you and tell him that You are very sorry that you cannot accept his reform, but it is outside your area of ​​expertise. A transparent and empathetic approach to the customer will benefit your company in the long term.

Find a balance when you say no.

It is necessary that know when to say noi.e. decide Throw away anything you consider “small projects.”because it can cause difficult financial situation, because small reforms are more common than large comprehensive reforms. Nor does it mean that you start embracing every project that comes your way: it’s important to find a balance between the two. This way you can show the customer a large portfolio of works.

Don’t be afraid to recommend other professionals

This customer is not for you doesn’t mean it’s not for another pro. Sponsoring another professional you know does not mean they will stop contacting you. Take advantage and help a colleague who is just starting out and that you would like a lower budget or another pro that you know works well.

Lo Giving the customer options is you can find what you need. They will surely thank you and remember you again.

offers alternatives

Maybe you don’t want to say no because Project Yes, you are interested, but you are up to date. Negotiate the terms before agreeing to them. Offer them alternatives for the start date and delivery date of their project. If he The budget doesn’t suit the client, maybe you can adjust it. The STIMAT budget program allows you to offer the customer options of different quality, so the customer can choose and in this way Find common ground where both parties agree. If the client is genuinely interested in working with you, and of course you are with them, they will adapt to you.

When it’s absolutely impossible work with him but don’t want to lose him as a potential client, you can:

  • Add it to your email subscription network and send you industry news.
  • invite him they follow you on social media and upload photos of different projects.

And of course, don’t forget to follow these clues.

An example of saying NO to customers

A client is contacting you to do a kitchen renovation, but you don’t have the time right now. You can answer as follows:

dear (name)

First of all, I would like to thank you for contacting (company name). We love having clients like you, but we regret that we cannot take responsibility for your reform at this time as we do not have the time, qualifications or resources to undertake it.

We propose (another professional) who best suits your needs and will make your renovation a success. If you do not comply, we will forward your project to contact you.

I will be waiting and ready to help you with future projects.

Kind regards.

Remember, being enthusiastic about the project is just as important as saying no!