How do you choose your wooden garage door?

You are looking for a gate for your garage. But the choice is not easy, the models vary depending on style, base material, accessories …

However, if you are tempted by the wooden model, follow us and we will help you choose the door for your wooden garage.

My garage door

Whether you have opted for a model made of steel, aluminum, PVC or wood, a tilting, swinging, sectional or rolling door, make sure that the garage door must guarantee the security of the premises. A requirement to which you can add further criteria: easy to maneuver and well insulated.

A wooden garage door

Wood remains a material of choice. It is valued for both its aesthetics and its nobility. It has always been very present in the manufacture of garage doors.

Due to its weight, wood is more suitable for garage door models side openings.

What kind of wood?

You can choose different types of wood for your garage door, such as:

  • l’afzélia : Wood of African origin, the color of which varies between light ocher and reddish brown. Known for its durability, stability and strength, this type is suitable for a variety of constructions.
  • le padouk : exotic wood with a color from light reddish brown to purple brown. A durable, sturdy material doesn’t require a lot of maintenance other than to keep its natural color.
  • l’aformosia : Wood of a tropical tree, yellow-brown in color. It is a durable, non-impregnable essence that does not require any special preservation treatment.
  • the meranti : Exotic wood in brown to red, without knots, stable and moderately durable. It’s not highly recommended in damp areas unless you provide some extra fungicidal protection.
  • the cedar : Precious wood, rot-proof, its smell has the advantage of keeping worms and insects away. But it has the disadvantage that it is brittle.

There is a wide variety of wood species to choose from at professional carpentry locations like Batiman (see website here).

For which type?

Wood has charm and character. And unlike other materials, it has the peculiarity that it adapts to all styles: whether your house is modern, rustic, renovated, new … a garage door made of wood will certainly suit it.

Which color for the wood?

Wooden garage doors can be painted in multiple colors so you can customize your doors and windows in your home.

Otherwise, you can keep it in its natural version. The charm works every time.

Question in the interview?

In contrast to other materials, wood requires regular maintenance, which varies depending on the type, but is not too restrictive. Otherwise, the wooden door of your garage can lose its charm and deteriorate in quality.

Question isolation?

Unlike steel and aluminum, for example, wood is a material that offers good insulation, both Heat and sound, to your garage.