How do you choose and care for parquet floors?

Wooden floors are characterized by a long service life. Because they can be polished and restored to be perfect every time. However, a lot of people leave it out thinking that it is quite complicated to maintain.

When we start renovating our home, the floor may be the last thing we have to touch. One reason may be that changing floors is a difficult and time consuming task. however, There are many options today we can take that into account. Because some of them are lower in price and not so complicated to install.

Before we give up the floor, we’ll learn a little more about them Benefits and support.

What are the types of hardwood floors?

We have a wide range of wooden floors, both for outdoor and indoor use. There are a few in different tones, types of wood, etc. One way to properly categorize them is to install them. We need to know each of them to know what type of parquet is best for our home.

Solid wood parquet

This type of floor is recommended for all types of houses regardless of the climate in which they are located. In fact, it has very good elasticity and its thermal and acoustic insulation is very optimal. They also have very good resistance to movement and, being a natural wood, the grain of each plank can be unique and irreplaceable.

The installation is not complicated. You just need to paint each plank before laying it on the floor. Once the floor is in place you will have to wait a few days to get over it. It just doesn’t leave a trace.

Laminate floors

They are generally most commonly used to cover the floor of certain businesses or stores that don’t have a lot of human traffic. It’s one of the most popular types of coatings as it doesn’t suffer from staining, discoloration, or excessive wear and tear.

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The material that makes up this type of floor is not just wood as it is Compression of various materials. This way we have all the advantages of wood and the durability that laminate offers.

Most of these floors are made up of a moisture-resistant layer, a layer of fiberglass, and finally a layer that simulates wood.

the Laminate floors They are designed to be quick to clean and to withstand most impacts from heels or furniture. In some cases, the material has special coatings and bevels so that the wood area is more stable and thus offers comfort, elegance and safety.

If we want to lay laminate floors in our home, we have to be very careful not to use them at the entrance. Not even in places where there is a lot of traffic or where we put up heavy furniture.

Floating floors

This type of flooring is usually one of the most common when it comes to renovating a home environment as it is one of the easiest to install. This is to keep the boards on a hard, smooth, dry surface and to meet. Generally, if the floor is imperfect, use a styrofoam cover to avoid footprints.

One of the great advantages of this type of flooring is that it is ready to install. Depending on their hardness and durability, you can also find different types of laminate floors. Depending on their quality, they are perfectly resistant to scratches, burns or wear and tear, do not fade in the sun and are not scratched by rubbing chairs or furniture.

Wooden floors

They are so named because they are made up of multiple layers. However, the main material is just wood, as opposed to laminate flooring, which has layers of different materials. We can assign different types of use as they have different thicknesses and designs and can be adapted to any room.

For installation, the panels are laid with their veins in different directions so that they are more stable, neat and durable. Therefore, they are typically used in areas with high humidity, lots of heating, or low floors.

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Tips for maintaining a parquet floor

Many people fear this type of flooring because of rumors or other people’s bad experiences. However, the best way to get rid of anxiety is to know how to properly maintain a parquet floor.

Like all floors, this one also has its weaknesses. It is important to know them and learn how to care for them so that the life of the floor is as long as possible.

Use a wood cleaner every month

Once we have acquired the floor in one way or another, it is important to consult the cleaning product. They usually offer it to you with the floor. Remember to use this product at least once a month.

Put something soft on the legs of the furniture

Furniture that moves from side to side, such as Chairs, for example, can usually scratch the floor. This can be avoided by placing a plush lining or towel on his feet. This prevents frequent polishing of the floor.

Put a mat on the front door

It is a great idea to decorate the entrance, but the main idea behind its use is to avoid large amounts of dust getting in and having to constantly remove it. Another good idea is to leave your shoes by the side of the door and put on your slippers to take extra care of the wood.

It is important to remember that although you can find hardwood floors at a low price, you have to be careful and choose quality. Since this determines the lifespan of the floor, you don’t need to restore it soon after installation.