How do I sketch the floor? – Work in progress


Do you want to make a sketch of your apartment or house by hand? Don’t have a spatial vision and don’t know where to start? If you want to ask for offers online, it is best to at least have made a sketch and a few photos of your apartment or house. You help Plan Reforma architects and decorators send you an online offer as tight as possible.


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In any case, you may think that creating a sketch is very complicated, but we present it to you video that shows you a very easy way to paint your apartment:

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What is it that you do not say clearly? Don’t worry, you can also ask our specialists for help. In any case, we will leave you transcription, step by step, what you need to do to make your sketch.

Required materials:

  • pastel
  • sheet
  • folder (for paper maintenance)
  • meter

How to get started

Before you get started, you need to know that you don’t need to know how to create a plan. We will show you some tips to make it easier for you to draw the sketch on the floor.

First, don’t think about the whole floor, imagine each of the rooms (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, corridor, corridor, terrace, etc.) separately: Each part is a closed rectangle or polygon.

Each room has one or more doors (P) and windows (V)or sometimes not.

Each room has one or more doors (P) and windows (V)

Process overview:

  • Stand by the door
  • Load the paper in the direction you see the room
  • Draw the walls clockwise
  • Mark the doors (P) and windows (V)
  • Take measurements of all segments
  • We started!

    Stand near the front door.
    Draw a horizontal line (A).
    This will be your starting point.

    You can now mark the front door (1) in your sketch.
    Always stay in the same place (the door).

    Look at the wall you have on the left, draw a line (B):

    Look at the one in front of you, draw another line (C):

    And the one on the right (D) to close the rectangle:

    And the one on the right (D) to close the rectangle

    You have drawn the first room in your apartment clockwise and without leaving the door.

    Now mark the location of the doors (P) and windows (V).

    Do the same to take action. Start by measuring all the segments of the first wall we drew (A).

    Then left (B), front (C) and right (D) always clockwise and close the rectangle. It is important to always have the paper in the same direction as what we see and to measure all the segments we have drawn.

    Stand next to the next door (2).

    Follow the same process. Start by looking at the wall where you are now and draw a line. (I think you’ve already signed a lot).

    Draw the walls to the left and clockwise. Always without leaving the door where you are.

    We mark the location of the doors (P) and the windows (V).

    And make measurements of all the segments of the polygon (or rectangle) of the part you are drawing.

    And we make measurements of all segments of the polygon we drew.

    Repeat the same process for each piece. Go to the next door (3). In this case, rotate the paper so that you can still see the part in the direction you are looking at it.

    Draw a rectangle clockwise and mark all doors (P) and windows (V), if applicable. Then make the measurements for each segment.

    You need to repeat this process for each room in your apartment

    Do not forget!

  • You are at the door
  • Arrange the paper in the direction you are looking at the room
  • Draw the walls clockwise
  • Mark the doors (P) and windows (V)
  • Take measurements of all segments (be sure to draw and measure the terraces and / or balconies that your floor has)
  • Finally, write the name of each room (living room, dining room, hall, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, laundry room, terrace, etc.).
  • Don’t worry about the proportions of your sketch. You give us the actual measurements and we know how to interpret your drawing.

    Scan it or take a picture!

    Once you have the sketch, you just have to make it convert it to digital format. Use a scanner or if you don’t have one, Take a picture with your mobile or digital camera!

    You are now ready to ask for offers from our professionals!

    If you are an architect or decorator (or future), you can register for free here on our portal, upload your portfolio and expand your client portfolio!