How do I clean the shower resin?

The bathroom is one of the most sensitive rooms in the house cleaning,, maintenance e hygiene. How could it be otherwise, a shower tray is one of the most common things you use in the bathroom and that is what we will focus on in this article. Have you ever wondered how best to take care of it? How to clean a Resin shower tray?? Don’t stop reading for the best tips!

Resin shower tray

Resin shower trays are an example innovation for the bathroom. A safe bet that you will never regret. By choosing measures tailored to your needs, you can increase the comfort and security of your bathroom.

this guaranteed trust goes hand in hand with conventional systems non-slip Yes antibacterial that they involve. Plus, they’re not that far behind visually. A resin shower tray that follows the aesthetic line of your bathroom can give it a new touch that will renew the whole environment.

On another side Comfort It’s in any room you get with the right dimensions and the comfort of the tread. It’s about natural, smooth profile for barrier-free contact when entering and leaving the shower.

Clean the resin shower tray

You should decline any ideas resulting from the use of an abrasive cleanser or scratching the surface of the board, such as: B. ammonia or bleach. Particular caution is also required with hair dyes that require thorough cleaning of the shower tray after use. Also dispose of accessories such as brushes with metal elements or too rigid and especially avoid metal nozzles.

the resinous dishes they are non-slip and quite tough. So that it lasts even longer, you can maintain the shower tray without damaging the surface with everyday products. First, consult the specific care and cleaning recommendations of the individual manufacturers for the shower tray.

It is very common to a. to use Cotton factory, on chiffon Oh bayeta that you will have safely at home with neutral soap. This combination is a surefire thing.

Another alternative that you can use is a sponge, preferably made of natural or synthetic fibers, but always soft. The following procedure is the same for both options. We recommend that you moisten the shower slightly, always wear suitable gloves to use the product. Dry the plate well so that it does not get wet after cleaning. Finally, don’t forget to rinse off to remove slippery residue and ventilate the bathroom.

If you have a dark resin shower in the bathroom, you are more prone to limescale stains. Another more traditional means is mixing white vinegar with water. Apply to a cloth and leave it on for a few minutes while showering.

For more specific occasions on how to deal with possible ones Lime stains, a more specific and recommended product is needed. Not only can you use the product as a stain remover treatment, but you can use it every two to three weeks to clean the shower tray to prevent future stains. As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to check out the brand’s tips.

Our shower resin recommendations

We introduce you to some models from our selection. We give you various recommendations so that you can find the perfect shower for you.

OTIUM structured resin panel

A model that has become a classic in recent seasons thanks to its strong trend. It has a C3 non-slip level making it the best on the market.

Thanks to the subtle pattern and the variety of colors, it adapts perfectly to the aesthetics of your bathroom. Ditto for the measurements. By choosing the ideal combination, you will get the most out of this item in your bathroom.

Evolution resin panel with Nuovvo slate structure

This rectangular plate contains a valve and a siphon. It belongs to the Evo collection, a modern and elegant line for modern bathrooms. It is a board made of a material with a slate structure.

In order to be able to adapt it to your wishes for your bathroom, you will find it in different soft tones and in a variety of sizes.

Nuovvo Corner Resin Panel

Unique design that can create a unique corner in your bathroom. With this panel you have a shower that gives you space in the whole room. This is a slate structure shower tray with recessed installation in the floor.

The angular shape meets at a 90-degree angle and draws a sickle. This design brings dynamism and avant-garde into the bathroom. The perfect option to add a unique touch that will change the face of the entire bathroom.

Now you know How to clean the resin shower tray!! In The bathroom We would be happy to advise you on your bathroom. Do not doubt it Contact with us and visit our exclusive selection for modernizing your bathroom. No obligation!