How do I arrange the bathroom?

Do you want to change a bathroom without major renovations? You can achieve great results with just a few decorative movements. And what’s a better time than fall to get the renovation you’ve been looking for. We leave you with the best answers how to furnish a bathroom. We bet you will be surprised!

Decorate the bathroom with style

Your bathroom does not have to be a random room with visually completely different rooms. you can choose style, bet on it and get one other room is alternative.

Natural bathroom

Trendy style. You don’t need big changes. You can start by adding Pastel colors is Soft colors. These are usually cool colors like blue or green.

You can’t miss the keys drink in furniture or in paintings and without aggressive lighting. But it is especially important in nature that it is plants.

Using every corner of your bathroom is the most common and fastest way to enjoy plants. If the plants are small, you can place them on the sink or on shelves to make the most of the space available. A simple option, but with a lot of visual impact.

A more innovative and creative alternative is to hang them from the ceiling. This design line is increasingly found in modern and avant-garde bathrooms. In fact, in the shower and behind the transparent screen, they add an innovative and healthy touch. This option is also great for small bathrooms.

Our favorite plants are aloe vera, bamboo and ivy. With Aloe vera You have a natural solution to treating small cuts and burns without too much care. With bamboo, you will receive an exclusive stamp … and good luck! It is a common belief in Chinese culture. Eventually, ivy Due to the variety of different colors and sizes, they are very versatile in the bathroom. They are perfect for hanging from the ceiling.

Modern bathroom

The atmosphere in these bathrooms cannot be overlooked minimalist. This environment calls for a sleek, sophisticated and modern bathroom. Of course, all sorts of changes fit into this style. The quickest and easiest update is to change the traditional mirror of an s LED lighting.

As for colors, this style usually represents a Environment in two colors. For example, an aesthetic in which white rules, but with black accents in the furniture or in the small details of the accessories.

A modern environment is a must practically is enjoyable Day after day. Therefore, it is not recommended to saturate these bathrooms with decorations. As much space as possible should be available for you and your comfort. In addition, this environment fits perfectly in an affordable bathroom, as the minimalism is joined by the abandonment of traditional bathtubs in favor of a shower. We recommend the Neo-Plate shower.

Rustic bathroom

These bathrooms are very special and fit perfectly into rural houses. The rustic bathroom connects with the entire environment around you and blends in with the surroundings.

The first characteristic of these bathrooms is the way they use natural light and avoid maximum lighting overload. Natural details like nuts are one of our favorite ideas. As an example, we leave you the Gorbea furniture.

Although our favorite color that prevails in the bathroom is green, this environment will suit your taste. As long as you avoid aggressive, bold colors in furniture and overall aesthetics, you’ll get the rustic touch you’re looking for.

As with natural baths, herbs are also a great option. In addition, they are bathrooms with many accessories and options for everyday life. Quite the opposite of what happens with minimalist spaces. This is also reflected in the shower. It is very common not to see showers in these bathrooms. Ceramic bathtubs are generally a great option for soaking up the surroundings. Peace and relaxation are guaranteed in this environment.

Would you like to discover more ideas and tips for decorating your bathroom? Don’t miss any of our blog posts and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our selection. At The Bath, we’re here to get the most out of your bathroom.