How can you have a healthy home?

There are more and more people interested in a healthy lifestyle. We try to have a balanced diet, exercise, and worry that we are getting enough sleep to feel good and fit. However, many of us do not realize that health begins at home. What can we do to make our home healthy? Why is the location and size of the openings so important and what other aspects should we consider?

Natural light

Natural light is critical to a healthy home. A well-lit interior not only looks bigger and brighter, it also affects our mood. Insufficient daylight can lead to various health problems, the most common of which are: fatigue, decalcification, stress, insomnia and more susceptible to infection. Installing bay windows, which are modern in modern architecture, can be a good idea. Windows that are supposed to bring more light into our house, like those of the IGLO LIGHT series, allow us to enjoy perfectly lit rooms and landscapes around the house. Natural light and the connection to nature through the large windows will surely improve our mood.

The perfect temperature

Another very important aspect is to find the optimal temperature in the house to be comfortable and try to maintain it all year round. It is often said that the optimal temperature in the bedroom for a good rest is between 16 and 23 ° C. When it is too cold or too hot, our body has to activate the heating or cooling mechanisms that can cause disturbances. Sleep, irritation and anxiety. . Maintaining a constant temperature in the house is much easier when we have quality windows. Modern energy efficient PVC windows like NEEDLE ENERGY They help to avoid heat loss in winter and avoid excessive exposure to sunlight in the summer months. So we can enjoy a comfortable temperature at home in all weather conditions without having to pay a lot for it. Heating or air conditioning.

In addition, it is important to always remember to lower the blinds when it is dark and raise them when you wake up. This way we prevent heat from leaking out of our home at night and allow us to capture as much natural light as possible throughout the day.


Studies in European households have shown excessive humidity in 16% of homes on the old continent. The main sources of moisture in the household are our daily activities such as cooking, cleaning or bathing. If it is held too high over time, mold can form in the environment, which is linked to various respiratory diseases and allergies. On the other hand, air that is too dry can dry out the mouth and nose and make breathing difficult. Ideally, the humidity should be between 50% and 70%. Humidifiers, window openings and fans can help us to keep this at this level.


In order to have a « healthy home », we must not forget about adequate ventilation. It is recommended to ventilate the house at least twice a day. This allows us to renew the air inside and maintain its adequate quality. In order not to lose large amounts of heat in winter, it is advisable to open the windows wide for a few minutes instead of leaving them open for several hours. It should also be mentioned that the type of window opening that offers the most options in terms of degree of ventilation is Tilting and rotating system. Accessories such as ventilation slots can also be our allies: They ensure natural and healthy micro-ventilation and ensure better air exchange and better comfort.

The right air quality in our home, the amount of natural light that enters our home throughout the day, and the optimal humidity and temperature all contribute to a healthier home. All of this is easier to achieve with good energy efficient and noise resistant windows. Modern PVC windows are characterized by high performance and affordable price. By choosing, we can not only achieve more comfort and safety, but also better protect our health and mood. Among those available in the Veneo range, you can find the ones that will meet all your needs. In addition, you can easily and quickly calculate the price with our Online window configurator.