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If you follow the blog from regularly Reform plan You will see that we often present you the prices for various repairs at home: kitchen, bathroom, floor replacement, wall painting … (here you can see Price list what we did recently). But we know that you are also interested in knowing Budget for building a houseThis way you can do it as you wish and assign bedrooms and rooms as you wish. Of course, this option is usually more expensive than buying a house, but what you get is a house you make, from the foundation to the roof, considering all the details.


Budget built a new house

What is the budget to build a house?

There are many things to consider. For now, let’s stick with the technical questions. We chose a House of 120 square meters, built on one floor and divided into 3 bedrooms, 2 common rooms, bathroom, toilet and kitchen. First we split the budget that the construction specialist offers you and then the rest Fees and costs That includes building your home.

Previous appearances

This is where the professional will integrate temporary switchboard and the crane necessary to carry out the work of the house. In this case the cost is 5,935 euros.


Two very important jobs at the beginning of the house construction. It is excavation for foundations and ventilated sanitary panels with lost formwork. Here the game will have a price of 5 760 euros.

Basics and structures

These are two separate games that we’ve put together here. The shoe is made first Reinforced concrete base. In this case, the price includes the manufacture of fittings in an industrial workshop and final assembly. Everything for 12096 euros.

And second, includes the structure Wafer plate for a floor height of less than 3 meters. The price will be 10 080 euros.

Facades and partitions

In this game the house takes the shape of a house. What does that mean? Raise the facade, partitions, turn signals and window partitions, as well as the static ventilation hood. How much does it cost? You need to devote a little time to this game 14 324 euros.

Electricity and Telecommunications

While it isn’t a very expensive game compared to some of the previous games, it is quite extensive. All installations related to electricity are carried out here: Sockets, telephone, doorbell, grounding socket, single-family switchboard, antenna, lighting mechanisms, sockets… All this work will be synonymous with 5,930 euros.


In addition to water absorption, the professional continues to be internal plumbing for kitchen, toilet and bathroomwho have favourited three rooms that require this type of work. The cost will be 1,077 euros.

Hygiene and ventilation

What tasks will the specialist perform in this case? On the one hand there will be investments PVC pipes for drainage and sanitary systems for the kitchen and bathroom (in this case the bathtub). This work and other plumbing and ventilation work add up to 6 070 euros.

Heating and air conditioning

In this case, the heating system is selected, Boiler heating. The installation and the radiator cost money 7,461 euros.

On the other hand, the installation of an air conditioner also depends on the device chosen. In this case we have chosen a middle class with a total price (with installation) of 4 800 euros.

Siding, siding, and false ceilings

In this game, it is necessary to take into account that the following work is carried out: Plastering, tiling, plastering and laying the false ceiling in rooms that need it. The total cost for this game is 5 504 euros.


In this case, installing impassable flat roof as well as the sidewalk. We have to devote ourselves to this game 7 320 euros.


The placement and installation of the front door and all interior doors is the same 2,744 euros. Usually this type of budget is wooden doors.


How we decided Lay parquet In all rooms except the kitchen, toilet and bathroom where we lay the floor, the total cost is 2,526 euros.


Paint the whole house on the plaster What is done during the first coat is the same 1669 euros.

Metalworking and locksmith work

In this game, you can make cuts in case you don’t need a fence for the property, pedestrians, or car doors. This includes installing Windows. If you need all of these installations, the game will start 8 255 euros. As mentioned earlier, your home may not need to install all of these devices. In this case, it’s cheaper.

Source: CSS projects and works

Bathroom equipment

When the work on your future home is practically completed, these types of installations begin: Installation of toilets, washbasins, bidet, bathtub, screen, taps … All of this will add up 3 167 euros.

Kitchen equipment

A game very similar to that of the bathroom. In this case the corresponding location is from Stove, sink, hood, oven, ceramic hob … as well as the installation of taps, refrigerators, microwaves or washing machines. Everything for the price of 7,709 euros.


Once the job is done, it’s time to turn on all of the lights in the house as well as the wall lights. This article has a price 1,478 euros.

If we add all of these jobs it would be house building

Around 114,000 euros.

But remember, these jobs aren’t the only ones that you have to pay for with your money: taxes, documents, architects … Let’s see what other costs you have to factor in in the budget of building a house.

field research

There are two types of research:

  • first of all topographical survey: Registration 250 and 400 euros.
  • on the second place geotechnical surveying: Registration 800 and 1200 euros. It is used to know the characteristics of the land and to design the most suitable foundation.

Construction management

The architect and surveyor will take part in this game. In this case the cost is usually 2% or 3% of the budget that he gave you when the house was built.


They are very important and fundamental to any type of housing construction. They are issued by the city council so you need to go to the consistory where you will do the job. This percentage can be between 2 and 4% of the budget for material implementation.


This price is set by law. The costs for a notary and a registrar are approximate 0.5% of the property price.

At all of these costs, you will need a certificate of work, a delivery record, Site cleaning, Household equipment, and all costs associated with installing certain furniture.

If we apply an additional cost of to the initial amount of 114,000 euros 14,000 euros For all of these methods mentioned above, we get an overall result of 128,000 euros build a house 120 square metersOn one floor with three bedrooms, two common rooms, bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

If you would like to request a quote from a specialist in your area so that they can take the appropriate measurements by visiting your country, you can do so here.