Home repairs after COVID

A year has passed since the closure and we had to spend almost three months in our homes to keep everyone safe. For many, it was a revelation that their homes weren’t ready to spend that much time there. Hence, from that moment on, all kinds of reforms have been carried out to improve these problems every day. A few months ago we published an article in which we spoke Reforms after the closure which are executed.


But which projects are still being carried out after a year of coronavirus?

You set workspaces aside

Office in each. Photo: p9arquitectura.XYZ

By 2020, most employees performed their duties in an office away from their home. But COVID has changed the way we live Relocate offices to rooms in our house. Therefore, the usual storage rooms or rooms that have not been occupied are Little by little, they were converted into small officess so that the shelves and desks are the main characters. This transit is gradual: For a few months now, the room has seen new elements being integrated to create the office. In other cases, even a little work had to be done to enlarge the space and turn it into an office.

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open the window

And we don’t want to ventilate, which is also important to achieve a clean atmosphere and, most importantly, virus-free (and especially the virus you are thinking of). We refer to open the window on walls where there is currently none. Obviously, this work has nowhere to be done, especially if you live in an apartment building. However, if your home is an older house with few windows or fairly dark rooms, a window will usually open to get more light. Of course it is necessary Contact an architect Determine where this project can best be done.

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Gardens and courtyards

Terrace with platform. Photo: DCORE

During the three months we were home without going out, many of us have been missing have a balcony or terrace where you can breathe in the fresh air and get away from the inside of the house. But those who realized it might not be in the best of conditions also pondered reform and prepare for more frequent use.

All year we saw how Terraces, balconies or patios has taken on a different appearance: « rough » floors were replaced by a better maintained outdoor floor The furniture has been moved to newer and renewed ones which gives it a different style. We all know someone who did these things, right?

In order to have a well-distributed and decorated outdoor area, we recommend that you do this Ask the gardener for a quote In this way you can make optimal use of the space and the possibilities in your garden or on your terrace.

El Hall


Or also known in Spanish, the room. In a year, the corridors of many houses were converted into living spaces. disinfectionEven add other furniture to keep the clothes we wear off the street and prevent them from getting into the rest of the house due to possible infection through clothes or shoes. Ah! And without forgetting Hydroalcoolic gels which have already become a gem in the halls of most houses.

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However, if you need a little more thorough reform in your case, we recommend reaching out to a professional in your area who can help find the gaps in your home and handle any possible changes between the two of you. required …