Help Guide 2021 – Help Your Client Save On Reform

It is very important to know the grants that the government provides Housing assistance programs, not only in the event that they benefit your construction company directly, but also as an additional or competitive advantage for Attract customers: a professional who always helps and advises best rated the one who only focuses on getting the job done but also knows it has the opportunity to be more competitive on your budget compared to other professionals.

And after all that has happened over the years, we continue to spend a lot of time in our home life, which has affected it growing demands for reforms in our MARLET where you can find quality customers who have been filtered 100% by phone by our colleagues.


Eligible aid up to one 40% of the reform are those intended for the following programs:

Program to promote the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability of living.

This program is designed to help Reforms to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in single and multi-family houses.

Under Conditions of access for this help are:

  • That the house was completed before 1996.
  • That 50% of the consumers in buildings must be normal residents.
  • This 70% of the area must be intended for residential purposes.

I know Subsidize activities What:

  • Improved thermal envelope.
  • Installation of new heating, cooling or production systems.

the Beneficiaries of this aid Son:

  • Communities of owners or groups of communities.
  • Cooperatives
  • Builders.
  • Construction companies, tenants or building concessionaires.
  • Energy service company.

Program to promote the protection and improvement of safety in the use of accessibility in housing.

This program aims to provide help for Maintaining improved security when using accessibility in single-family homes and residential buildings. This program also welcomes public administrations, businesses, owners and communities.

The requirements are the same as in the previous program.

I know subsidize these activities What:

  • Preservation of structures, foundations, roofs, facades or mine clearance.
  • Interior design of the house.
  • Safety and accessibility improvements, such as ramps, elevators or the installation of electronic components.

the Beneficiaries of this aid Son:

  • Communities of owners or groups of communities.
  • Cooperatives
  • Builders.
  • Construction companies, tenants or building concessionaires.

Program to promote the renewal and renovation of urban and rural areas.

This program is aimed at those who want a joint implementation of Renovation work on buildings and individual houses, and to build buildings and houses to replace others that have previously been demolished.

Under Conditions of access for this help are:

  • Minimum energy balance for new apartments B
  • A total of 40% of the investment, ie 75% of the investment for income below 3IPREM or limited accessibility, work or people over 65 years of age.
  • 70% of the built-up area above ground is used for residential purposes.
  • Limit of 5 years.

I know subsidize these activities What:

  • These relate to the two previous programs.
  • Reforms to align with existing regulations.
  • Works to improve accessibility and sustainability.
  • Demolition and construction of buildings.

Beneficiaries are:

  • The performers of the actions.

the Aid amount:

  • Refurbishment: up to € 12,000 and € 120 m2 on site.
  • Renovation or new construction up to 30,000 euros per unit.
  • Urbanization up to 2000 euros per house, renovated or built.
  • I move up to 4000 euros per year (maximum 3) per apartment.
  • Technical teams and urban planning offices up to 1000 euros per accommodation.
  • There will be an increase of 1000 euros for these buildings that are of cultural interest.
  • And up to 25% for under 35-year-olds in communities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants.

How is the help request managed?

Whether you want to help your customer by handling the request as an additional service or you want to give them advice on how to do this administration, you should know that any help should go through the settlement Autonomous Communities and to find out about the lead times and models we need for demand, we have to go local housing office in which we want to reform.

These inquiries can be made by telematically or face to face.