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One of the best-known brands in bathroom mixer design is Grohe. At The Bath we have some of the most problematic models in the business. Then we invite you to find out more details Grohe faucet. We are going to show you some interesting facts about its history and presence in the world. We also show you some of them in our catalog.

To understand the quality and history of Grohe faucets since their inception, we are going to tell you about some of the key points in their history. This shows that the brand has many years of experience and significant public recognition.

The sanitary factory was founded in Germany in 1911. The quality of its products, the result of renowned German engineers, has led to rapid expansion. In the last 10 years he has received more than 240 awards including design, innovation or yes durability.

In 2014 it became a part LIXIL group, World market leader in the sanitary sector and at the same time the largest supplier of building materials in Japan. But he’s not only concentrating his work here. It is present in more than 130 countries including Spain.

Great strength

Grohe stands for quality, innovation, design and sustainability. Each of its faucets reflects these properties and is part of them. Bath catalog. We are talking about each of these properties.


Each series of fittings is tested before being placed on the market. The tests carried out are extreme and subject each model to simulations that correspond to intensive use of more than 20 years. In addition, after production is complete, spare parts are stored for years, which is only the case with major brands.


Each part is analyzed in the company’s laboratories for the best results. The technology applied to faucets includes a variety of proprietary systems. Only in Grohe there are such important details as the reaction to a different water hardness, the fact that the tap does not burn when hot water is used, and even the sound of the mechanisms and the flow of liquid when passing through it is smooth and pleasant.


The design is based on the sum of the aesthetics and usability of each product. The color, feel, and even the slope provide a different experience than regular faucets when in use. Some of the awards have helped them become benchmarks in this industry.


Certain details raise the Grohe faucet to the highest level in terms of energy savings. Water mixing systems ensure the lowest possible cost without affecting the flow. The largest selection of this aspect can be found in thermostatic grippers, able to regulate the shower water to the desired temperature without having to correct the constant flow or suffer from fluctuations in heat and cold.

Grohe faucets in the bathroom

At The Bath we have faucets from the most prestigious brands. Among them and Current lines from Grohe. In our catalog you will find different models for wash basins, bidet, bath or shower. Here are some examples:

Toilet faucets

Among the faucets for the Grohe basin that you can find are Bauedge, Eurosmart and Allure models. Each of them has a completely different design, sober and elegant. In all three cases, they are metallic, sturdy and easy to maintain. The system of opening and closing is one-handed to facilitate its use.

Bidet faucets

In Grohe they don’t forget the bidet taps. In order to be able to combine them with the previous models, they represent the same matrices with identical surfaces. The only difference is the orientation of the spout, which is possible thanks to the oscillating end of the water outlet. Of course, they also have a removable ventilation filter. All three have a single lever system.

Bath and shower fittings

The available bath and shower fittings correspond to the Eurosmart line. If you want to combine them, you have to go for this elegant line.

Griffin thermostat

The concealed thermostatic valve The faucet offered by the German brand goes perfectly with all of the styles mentioned. It is very robust and allows you to get the perfect temperature without vibrations and in the fastest possible way. Not having to worry about anything other than turning the tap on and relaxing while the water flows smoothly is a real luxury.

As you can see, Grohe faucets are always a good choice. The quality of its components guarantees long-term service and a timeless design for every bathroom. You will be sure that it will not lose color or break after a short time. You’ll fall in love with the design and feel of its components, and have the pleasure of making a big purchase.