Grill models for grill, terrace or balcony

There are a multitude of grill models. Each of them has ideal characteristics for a specific type of house. So that every home can count on this special space.

A unique place where this simple kitchen accessory becomes the perfect excuse to create unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Every detail is important to create a warm and family atmosphere. Here we explain to you all the models that you can find on the market today and which one is the best for your barbecue, patio, balcony, patio or garden.

Grill models by materials

Conventional grills are made of iron, which can be round, square, or angular. They may or may not also be enlozados. Which is the best?

Many professional grillers choose the round iron because it’s easier to clean, since everything that can be separated from the cooked meat and vegetables goes straight into the fire.

It increases the fire and the smoke may not be healthy.

While the square or angular iron grids retain part of this waste that needs to be cleaned after cooking. Also, some fat may remain at the corners, which can result in a cooked or fried effect.

On the other hand, there are enlosades that have the advantage of being easy to clean. In addition, if the iron is not enameled or has not undergone any special treatment, there is a strong possibility of rust, which can be very harmful to health.

To prevent rust, professional chefs leave it with the fat from the last roast. This gives roasts and vegetables a different flavor.

Some of the less common options include stainless steel grille. This style is not used as often as it raises the temperature a lot in a short time and usually causes the meat to stick once supported.

Grill models according to their shape

Standing or foldable shelves

According to the shape, they can be divided into folding or standing. They are very cheap and are often used to transport them from place to place. the height of it grill
The laptop is designed to fit in the trunk of a car and can be taken to a campsite.

The design of some of them allows you to store all the irons in a small tube. So you can even transport it on a motorbike. IN portable grills They are made of V-shaped irons and tend to have a slight slope so the fat moves backwards.


If there’s a very specific design, it’s because they have a solid sheet metal, not a grille. dali grill modern and have a base where the fire is prepared.

On some models, the top panel can be removed and the base used to create ovens for outdoor gatherings or BBQ areas. They are also great for placing in the center of a green terrace.

barbecue mobile

These models are notable for their practicality. They cannot be transported to other locations by car or motorbike. They can only move on the same floor as they are big but have wheels that make them mobile.

So it is possible to meet in the garden and on another day in the inner courtyard or on the terrace or balcony. Any outdoor area of ​​the house can be turned into a kind of barbecue area, where you can barbecue together.

Large-wheeled models allow them to move on grass, and small-wheeled models are used to move them on smooth surfaces. These structures cannot be left outdoors as their useful life will be reduced.

They are very effective as grills because they have fireclay bricks on the bottom and sides.

Chulengo Grills or Drum Grills

200 liter oil drums can also be refilled Grilled meat and chulengo. This name derives from the name of the descendants of the guanaco due to the similarity in its shape. Available in different sizes and designs, with moving or fixed parts.

The peculiarity of this design is that it has a chimney cover. This results in more even cooking with a smoky note.


These American grills are made from sea buoys. These models can stay outside as the material is very weather resistant. What stands out about these models is their looks.

prefabricated grids

These structures have the great advantage that they can be installed in less than 45 minutes and have a service life of more than 20 years. Is for material grid offered divided into modules that allow to compose different designs and sizes depending on the customer.

sausage grill

The main feature of these models is that they can be completely dressed up with the design of the house. Because the combustion chamber is built into the wall with good smoke evacuation. To make these models, we recommend that you go to a professional to make sure the circulation is correct.

They have a grid inside and an outside box so everything can be stowed away. They are usually located inside the house, protected by a small roof. They are ideal for indoor quinces or balconies.

brick lattice

These stones are perfect for quinchos, galleries or terraces. Their main feature is that they have a country look. They don’t require much investment or maintenance.

Grill models by energy source

gas grills

Not all models need a burning fire under them. Some models like Bottle or gas grill, are a very good option for practicality. However, it eliminates the whole routine of starting a fire and keeping it alive while the roast cooks.

Cooking is much more efficient because the fire is homogeneous and ignites without effort. Simply switch it on and the seasoned meat and vegetables are placed on the grill.

For apartments there are models with a double grate, which prevents fat from falling on the embers and smoke that can disturb the neighbors. To install it efficiently, you need to entrust this task to one registered gas fitter.

electric grills

On these models, the burners are available in electric and dual connection versions. Although they have a higher energy consumption, the roast is ready in an hour. IN electric grill
It is ideal for apartments.

Factors to consider before choosing a model

As we have seen, there is a wide variety of models, sizes and types of grills. To choose the ideal one for our home, we must consider the combination of the space allotted to it, the destination assigned to it and the place where it can be installed, whether fixed or mobile. .

The other very important detail is the circulation. Which has to function perfectly in order to ensure health. In that sense it is important maintaining a connection between the fire surface and the size of the drawing. This way you can enjoy excellent smoke-free grilling.

So everything is perfectly harmonious the exterior finish should match the overall style of the home while also being durable and easy to maintain. Budget is also a factor that can determine which design is best for your home. Here you can check one reference price list.