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GME bathroom department is a brand with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of bathroom products, be it showers, faucets, sinks or partitions. Talking about GME and bath products is synonymous with quality and from Self-confidence.

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Are you renovating your bathroom? Would you like to give your shower a new touch or are you planning to change your shower tray? In the following lines we leave you solutions for one of the essential elements of your daily life, such as the screen. We definitely recommend Partitions GME. Here are the GME brand screens that you can find in our selection and what their main features are:

Basic screen with black profile

What makes this screen stand out is that it fits perfectly into the environment worksment Elegant. In addition, the black is highlighted, has a reversible door and has an anti-tartar treatment. This is a sliding wall designed to take advantage of the space you have in your bathroom.

As a sliding wall, it is airtight and completely prevents leaks and spills and helps keep your bathroom clean. It’s great for adapt to all obstacles near the shower, like a sink or a cabinet, so it is a very versatile screen and a home with small spaces.

Mampara black chess screen

This partition with solid panels facilitates and improves Accessibility Your shower cubicle and create a more comfortable space in your bathroom. Its high availability can redefine your entire bathroom layout during renovation as its open access provides useful space. It is made of aluminum and kept in black. Like the previous screen, this one is reversible and includes anti-tartar treatment. It optically follows the line of minimalist design and is particularly attractive in modern bathrooms.

Since it is a solid shower screen, it is very easy to clean. There are no bearings and profiles are rare. This simplicity extends its life and makes it a long-lasting screen. In addition, it is a screen that increases its functionality with a relatively large shower tray as it increases its dimensions.

Stainless steel windshield

The main feature of this screen is its profiles stainless steel. It is a sliding wall that adapts to your bathroom and, as is usual with the GME brand, is reversible and contains an anti-limescale treatment.

Mammara Basic frontal

It is made of aluminum and has a sliding sash release. Contains a locking system with a chewing gum. Great option if you want to take a quality step up your shower.

This sliding screen holds up perfectly temperature In fact, a common feature of sliding screens is on the way to differentiating themselves from fixed screens. So it is a good idea to choose a sliding wall like this if your home is characterized by a cold room.

Revolving door grille

As the name suggests, this screen is new as it has an opening system with a. contains Revolving door, a kind of screen. It is made of aluminum and its profiles are adjustable. Another and unusual touch that will transform your bathroom into a unique and unusual space.

This screen is a very easy way to get started. Contributions Functionality Y. ease, thanks to a new arrangement. As soon as the jar is closed … not a drop will come out!

As you can see, the GME brand gives you a choice. Take your time and find the screen that suits you place and your bathroom, but above all to adapt to use what will you give

Included The bathroom, we are happy to offer you the best options for your new bathroom. Do not hesitate to enter Contact With us, we will help you and recommend that you make your bathroom a room to your taste, personal and unique. It is up to you to choose the one you prefer and the one that best suits your needs!