Get a modern look with beveled tiles

Over the years it is normal for the weather we are renovating a room in our house. Above all, objects that are found in rooms of daily use such as bathrooms or kitchens. These are the most sought-after areas for renovation, since a complete renovation of the entire house is not always necessary. At this point, the most common bet is a modern image, renewal of elements and sensations. In this aspect we focus on the wall covering and how Beveled tiles will become a perfect option both visually and practically.


picture modern

One of The main functions of beveled tiles or subway type, is its innovative image and personality. Although it is an article that has always been used, it currently belongs to this group combines the modern image with a slight retro touch. Therefore, it fits very well into the new interior design for the kitchen and bathroom.

in case of the kitchen usually to be used for dashboard liningespecially in combination with a Furniture in white or neutral tones. other hand in the bathroom can play more. The rooms These are usually smaller and you can choose to cover the walls completely.

However, it can be a bit overwhelming in some cases, so it can be choose another application. Use for example white beveled tiles to line the half-height wall and paint the rest the same color. Besides, you can Add a divider strip with a different color, e.g. B. Black. This is another point in favor of beveled tiles, the market currently offers them in a variety of finishes and colors.

practical support

Another detail to consider when choosing new items in your kitchen or bathroom is that they need to be practical. this is like It’s all about keeping them clean and in the best condition. We are lucky with beveled tiles because they require the usual cleaning and maintenance of each tile.

In this sense we have a a very modern image that will fit into our new interior design without increasing the difficulty of its maintenance. In fact, these are tiles that They repel moisture or vapors that arise in kitchens and bathrooms very well. So you don’t have to spend too much time on cleaning.

Beveled tiles in kitchen and bathroom

In this text we have tried to show how beveled tiles can be contribute to image improvement in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. An article that suits many Interior styles and it will be very easy to implement in the desired room. If you’ve already tried it, don’t hesitate to let us know the result.


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